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I have wrist injuries (at least one tfcc tear) that 3 different surgeries haven't been able to fix. Does anyone know if I could expect any relief from trying Adequan? If so do you use equine or canine? How much do you use? Do you just put in your quad? Thanks


here’s a little info on it: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/mk677ibutamoren

i think you can get “research” TB-500 cheaper than veterinary stuff…


i’m no peptide expert, but it looks like BPC-157 and GHK-Cu might be more effective than TB-500, or at least worth stacking together.

EDIT: PEG MGF and IGF-1 L3 were looked at a bit a while back in helping with injuries, but i don’t think they really panned out for most people…