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Hello there,
Anyone here ever use Adequan? It's basically an injectable substance for joint repair and was originally developed for use in race horses and greyhounds. I don't think it is approved for human use yet, but I have heard of people having miraculous results using it on themselves.
It is said to actually assist in healing the injury and not just mask the pain. Most promising is the fact that it can apparantly increase synovial fluid in the joint.
As my joints are a trainwreck at the moment I am seriously looking in to this stuff, but it does sound too good to be true. Any feedback on the stuff would be great.


You will prob get better responses in the Pharma forum if you ask me. Look into Aflutops as well.


I'm really liking the sound of Alflutop, seems like it's even more effective than Adequan from what I've briefly just read. Thanks for the suggestion.

Probably will get more replies in the pharma section alright, maybe the mods can move it soon.


I'd advise you to really look into this carefully before you make any decision. I'm no doctor, but I have long running joint issues, and aflutops is something I was suggested by someone on here.
In the end I never used either as other methods worked (are working) so I cannot really advise beyond that, but when I was researching there were some interesting success stories out there.


I've looked into it a bit more and it seems that there are no known side effects from Alflutops. I'm recovering from an accident I had two months ago that badly fucked up my ankle and knee. It's looking like I will be out from training for another 6-8 weeks so it would be great if this stuff actually works and reduces my recovery time.
I have a few questions before I order it though:

  1. Just how likely is it that what I will be ordering will be legit? Is it common for animal products to be fake? Obviously common sense and good judgement applies when purchasing anything online, but just throwing it out there.

  2. So the dosing protocol is Intramuscular (IM) injection of 1 amp every day for 3 weeks, for a 21 day cycle. My knee seems to be about 95% healthy now but my ankle still has a long, long way to go before it's good, so I will only be using Alflutop on ky ankle. However I have read "There is probably little benefit, if any, to a local IM injection (close proximity to the injured joint)", so does this mean I can inject into my arm and it will work on my ankle?

Thanks a lot