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Adequan Related Question - BBB or Anyone?


In some of your posts you mentioned using Adequan successfully for two areas. I believe one was your wrist/hand, and another in the foot/toe area. Were you using brand name Adequan ohttp://www.t-nation.com/moderateMessagesPrep.dor Ichon? Just curious because Ichon is very easy to obtain, and Adequan is much more difficult. There is some discussion as to whether they are truly the same thing. Technically they appear to be, and the only difference is the intended method of use. I'm starting to become extremely interested in this and if Ichon is a viable and real option, that would be great.

If you were able to achieve good results with the actual product Ichon, that would be great news. I have not found much online that leads me to believe that it is not identical to Adequan, just marketed for different purposes (i.e. as a topical wound healing agent/dressing). I've been reading a lot on equine forums and many people seem to be getting the same results with their animals as they did with Adequan, and was curious as to your input and thoughts.


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Thanks for the response. I'm going to definitely give Ichon a try and see how it goes. In the meantime, I guess I'll hope for a human version of the compound to become available, which I hear is in the process.


Primomax did you ever try it? Can you respond with any results?