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Adequan, Ichon, Legend, Hytryl for Joints

So Im pretty much just wondering if any of you guys have expiriences with any of these. Any advice on dosing protcol’s? Has anyone done the two back to back in a cycling fashion? of so what were the results? After initial loading doses with adequan/ichon what is the maintence dose? Thanks for any help guys!

I only clicked this thread because I only recognized 3 words in the title. I googled it, and it looks like animal drugs that you get from a vet. I would stay far away from this stuff

They are actaully uses quite a bit by bodybuilders and athletes because they worrk miracles and there are logs on here you can find. They are not drugs, they simply are the stuff your cartlidge is made of. legend is simply hyaloronic acid same used for people easier to find. LOL, google a little more.

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