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I was just wondering if anyone has taken Adenergy and what their reactions are to it. Did you like it why? why not, type of thing. I've gotten a really good deal on it if I want to buy it but I figured coming on here is the best way for me to get the best advice (another reason T-Nation is the best site around). so if you've got any info on it please let me know. Thanks


this shit is apparently ATP from what I can gather. ATP is good stuff, you need it to do everything, it fuels the cells... too bad it can't be transported through the cell walls. bummer.

I might be wrong here, but I could swear I remember hearing about this when Creatine made it's mainstream debut about 8 years ago, and myself wondered why they don't just sell ATP... well, that was the reason then.


Yes it is ATP, and which is why I thought it might be good, because of what I know of ATP its good for the body and how it transports nutrients, blood, etc. Anyone else have any info?