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Call me a massive ladyboy or anything you want. I dont give two cahoots. The girl nailed it with this song.




Her cd came out today, I believe.

I love her voice.


Call me shallow but if this girl lost weight she would be sooooo fine.

Oh and she has an amazing voice


She's AMAZING! Thanks for posting these songs.


wow... Just listened to both of these songs. Came close to crying. no homo


Wow. Howz it feel to be shallow AND ghey?



you sound like your from laaandaaaaan.

honest music, amazing voice.


check out her first album, its called 19. some good songs on there.


Awesome, thanks!




Too poofy for you big man?


I dont know, ask him


love her. a voice that doesn't need any studio help or overdubs is so rare. I'll put this voice live up against anything out there today. I like this video best because you can really feel her.


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I remember reading somewhere that Wayne Rooney listens to Adele before games, funny stuff.

She's got an amazing voice, just didn't think that'd be Wayne's cup of tea...


Shame about that fat cunt introducing the song.


she's on Letterman monday nite