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Adductors - Misunderstood


So i was reading on EXRX this morning and i came upon something totally new, which doesn't happen often for me in regards to muscle anatomy since I'm pretty interested in it.

My adductors (or so I thought) would get ferociously sore my first time squatting after a layoff from them for whatever reason (lazy, hip scope, whatever) so I always assumed that squats hit adductors.

Well, THEY DON'T. They hit Adductor Magnus, but the other two do nothing according to EXRX. They aren't involved in hip extension, but rather hip flexion. This will explain why big nasties who only squat will be humbled by the hip adduction machine. Two thirds of your hip adductors are out of shape. All of the adductors (hence their name) adduct the hip, of course.

So bottom line, you either need to incorporate some hip adduction or hip flexion to hit all of your adductors. I thought people might like to know.


Generally bodybuilders try to avoid building their upper inner thighs, because it gives a blockier and more stout appearance when it's overdeveloped.


I think Tom Platz would disagree. He would "say do your adduction exercises and get freaky thighs like mine."

and would hitting all the heads overdevelop or just evenly develop?


I've actually started incorporating the adductor machine just to see if I notice anything. I don't think I've ever felt any worse soreness than after the first time just doing 4 sets of it, lol. It was horrible!


I had a leg workout tonight, and hit the adductor machine as my last excercise(ive been doing this for about a month now) and i agree with kingbeef about the soreness.


I've been using the adductor machine for the last half-year or so, if not longer, and have seen tremendous results from doing so.


Good to hear. I need all the leg mass I can get, lol.


Me too!


Interesting, i always thought that it was the degree of current flexion or extension that determined the function of the adductors. for example, if the bottom of the femur is behind the hip ( extension ) then the adductors' line of pull would be forward ( function: hip flexion ). and if the bottom of the femur was infront of the hip (flexion) then the line of pull would be posterior (function: hip extension). Too bad i dont have the hip adduction machine. do you think that powerlifter stance squats (very wide) will hit most of the adductor muscles though?


I hit my gf's adductors pretty hard...



OMG the adductor machine at my gym is broken now, lol!


Do you guys try to go heavy on it or do you go for teh pumpzzz?


Drop set.



Can you guys chime in on their role with wider stance squats and sumo deadlifts? Do you guys think they get a decent working with those or do you actually have to shudders use that machine?

Also, what do you do when there's less room for your balls?


My adductors get smashed from any single leg movements. I think they stabilise pretty hard when you are standing on one leg...

I noticed lots of growth after doing single leg movements in my routine.


There's no doubt that they get smashed doing wider stance squats/deadlifts and single leg movements. The question is could we get even better development from adding in some isolation. It only takes an extra 8 mins or so, so I figure why not give it a try and see what happens.




Is it really beneficial to have these muscles very developed? Won't this lead to the need for moving your legs strangely outward when walking, so that they don't rub against each other?


Are you guys doing a HS adductor machine? or the ones with your knee bent?


You are correct, There needs to be a bit of flexion before they are in a position to cause hip extension (squat deep). They are week flexor/extensors though.
I actually discovered the other day that anterior deltoid adducts the humerus when the arms are close to your side.

Wide stance is going to hit adductors well. I've seen a vid of Kai Greene doing a kind of deadlift with the bar between the legs gripping with one hand infront of the body and the other behind, I bet that really smashes them.