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Adductor Strengthining; Post Injury


Hi friends!

Well its been 3 months since I had injured my adductors... and bidrys ready to get ready for the "comeback".

Anyway, my question is, are there anything I should be doing to strengthen my adductors as I ramp up my training.
For the past month I have been able to lift weights(including squatting), ride my road bike, skip rope and a bit of yoga. I havent attempted any kicking of a ball or actual running.





I'm assuming you play soccer?

Most people's adductors are plenty strong enough already. At least in relation to their other muscles.

Strengthen the shit out of your glutes and work on your adductor flexibility. Often times if the glutes aren't as strong as they should be, the adductors have to do more work than they want = Strained groin.


Thanks BReddy. I didnt know that. I assume that glute activation exercises, hip thrusts, and squatting should be sufficient enought to strengthen the glutes??

And yes I do play soccer... I am T-Nations resident semi-pro soccer player.

Another thing I have learnt about adductor injuries through my research. is that the adductors is one of those muscles that do not respond well to stretching and exercises involving large range of motions. Appparently one of the better adductor strenghthening exercises is lying on your back and holding a ball in between yolur knees and squeeze. I have been doing that for 3 rounds of 10 seconds every second day and so far the results are promising.

It has been over 10 weeks now, and Im really hoping I can return back to the running track within the next 2-3 weeks.



Also, deadlifts.

*edit, if you have access to a GHR, those too.


Squatting isn't the greatest for glute activation. This is where a lot of people use their adductors so substitute for hip extension.

Single leg hip thrusts on the ground, on your back, are a good exercise to see how your glutes are working. See if it is harder on one side than the other. And or see if you notice you feel like you're going to cramp in your hamstrings.


Re; single leg hip thrusts.

Right side glute activates much better. I was wondering maybe my hip flexors are not balanced in terms of flexibilty. I do feel some cramping in th hamstrings, more so on the left side.

Should I just keep rehabbing for it to get better?

nb: went for a very a very light jog with the ball, felt ok, although I still feel some pain/twinging in my groin... still needs a few weeks I think.