Adductor Strain (Adductor Magnus)

Happened on my third set of squats a couple weeks ago(close stance olympic back squat) and I felt it spasm when i went back up to lock it out. I immediately iced it after and kept going on and off for a couple days. In addition, I have been foam rolling after a 3 day rest period to increase circulation in the tissue as their is a small knot in the area, and it seems to be getting better day by day.

Its been a couple weeks now, and I have been on and off of it with exercise(just doing what doesn’t hurt), but mainly the tightness(not really pain so to say) comes from a lunge movement and not necessarily a squat.

I want to know what you guys used to rehab this muscle group as I find its harder than the actual inner groin muscles themselves due to the involvement in so many exercises.


I’m not a PT so I can’t offer you specific advice on rehab, but gluteal activation should be a priority for you- adductor magnus strains are common because as a hip extensor, if the gluteus maximus becomes inactive the adductor magnus, hamstrings and lower back become hyperactive (synergistic dominance) leading to risk for strains.

Yeah, Im starting to refocus on doing that again. I Have the MM dvd, and the movements are helpful on there.

However, on the glute bridges, I cannot seem to take my adductor magnus out of the movement no matter how hard I try(even with my hands lightly touching the quads). Anyone else find a way to solve this?



Try some Prone Glute Activation stuff. . .

Basically lay down on your stomach, put your arms and hands out to each side, keep your pelvis on the ground, and extend your leg across your body to the opposite side. You won’t be able to help but feel your glutes pulling your leg across your body.

Go for 2 sets of 12-15 reps a side, and hold the peak contraction for a second or so.

When you can get back into things add some lateral lunges to your warm up. That should get the lateral structures of your legs firing for sure, and this will minimize AM’s predisposition for taking over hip extension, as previously stated.

Lateral lunge:

. . . except alternating.