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Adductor/Squat Pain After Joker Set. Advice?


Hey guys,

I’ve been running 5/3/1 with PR sets,Jokers & FSL and getting some great results. Today was my squat day and I have a pain on the inside of my left leg. I stopped after the first joker and completed my FSL.

I’m not an anatomy guru but after doing some google it seems that it could be my adductors.

My question is how can I work around this until my squat is pain-free?



Narrow you stance can help, depending which adductor that’s damaged. Some of your adductors assists in extension of your legs/hip, which is basicly squats and deadlifts by nature.
I guess you best bet would be to adress the damaged muscle with myofascial release techniques, dont stretch the muscle until pain becomes somewhat lesser than it is now, and do a lot of walking and mobility exercises (like agile 8 (but still not stretching on the pain yet)).


Do what doesn’t hurt

Follow the actual program

If it’s groin, you are looking at a minimum 4 weeks.


This is very, very easy to remedy.

  1. Train what you can - and make that shit strong as hell. Focus ONLY on what you can do, not what you can’t. If you can’t do this, welcome to a horrible life.

  2. Go to a PT and get it checked out. If you can’t do this, become a student of your injury and learn what you can. You have a computer and access to just about all the information you will ever need. NOTE: don’t get medical advice on forums.

  3. Heal and follow basic principles to get your body back ready. If you choose to ignore these very simple and easy to follow steps, you will always be hurt and weak. This injury and your success is 100% in your hands so you now have no excuse.