Adductor Soreness on Squats

Anyone else have trouble targeting quads/glutes on squats? Regardless of volume, weight, and rep configuration on my squat workouts, my quads tend to be only slightly sore, if at all, the next day. Instead I feel it in the adductors. I’m not a soreness junkie, but it seems odd that the prime movers would feel okay the next day while the adductors are screaming for ice and aspirin (and it’s no fun to ice the adductors).

I’ve been lifting for a long time, though never with the goal of getting huge or overwhelmingly strong (good thing, too, because I’m 6 feet and 180–a pipsqueak by T-Nation standards, I know). On squats, I go a touch below parallel, keep my feet flat, and back straight. My form is good enough that trainers tend to notice (as in, “I don’t see many people doing those right!”), so I don’t think it’s an obvious issue with form.

I would also add that I’ve been a competitive triathlete, so it’s possible, as a T-Nation poster suggested to me on another thread–that that athletic history (lots of cycling, swimming, and running) may have thrown something off.

What gives? Any clues or similar experience?