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Adductor Pain When Squatting

As per the thread title, I get adductor pain (in both legs) when squatting. It feels like a strain, right at the origin. My doctor (a specialist sports doctor), suggested weak glute medius and core, for which she prescribed resting the area, and a series of exercises to strengthen my glute medius and core.

The exercises are as follows:

  1. Glute medius - one legged “dip and drive”.
  2. Core - “Helicopter winch”. Focus on pulling spine up.
  3. Core - Lying on my back, knees bent at 90 degrees, pull belly button in and up, and lift one foot up 1-2cm. Repeat on other leg.

I squatted yesterday (2 hour warm-up, very light weights, perfect form etc.) for the first time in three weeks, and today the pain has returned.

I found this article: http://bretcontreras.com/repeated-adductor-strain-during-squats-a-case-study/ by Bret Contreras, where his client was experiencing the same problem. His initial findings were

“… client possessed weak glutes in hip extension and posterior pelvic tilt along with a left side upper glute imbalance in hip abduction and hip external rotation.”

In the end, his client’s issue was resolved. I’m tempted to follow the program described. Thoughts?

Do I need to be more patient, and give it more time, or are more aggressive exercises required?