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Adductor Pain When Foam Rolling


Hi all. I've recently started rolling my adductors, after realising that I've completely neglected them since I first started foam rolling, and the pain I'm experiencing is pretty intense. I can't put too much pressure on the area. Merely resting my thigh on the roller causes pain, at any point along the inner thigh. My ITB, hamstrings, hips and glutes don't hurt much when foam rolling them. Calf pain is moderate. I do get knee pain, but I've been rather ignorant of my adductors (mostly focusing on my ITB) and I'm wondering if I must endure this pain in order to reduce knee pain.

I expected the pain to be comparable to my ITB pain when I first started on them, but it's sharper and more intense. Most of you will probably say I need to stick with it (I intend to for now), but is there a level of discomfort that is not worth pushing past? Common sense tells me it isn't anything serious, but could I be damaging other structures in that part of my leg?

Has anyone had the same experience and overcome it?



The adductor is by far the most painful area to roll. It is 7 layers deep and as you said, mostly ignored. All of my athletes think they are dying when I have them roll that area as well. Don't go to the point of passing out, but ease in over a few weeks. Don't ignore it. Spend time and slowly it will improve, along with your movement.


You could always try getting a massage. In my experience most massage therapists ignore that area too, though if you tell them that you get knee pain and think it would help, then they're generally willing to work it out for you. Often there's no real way to use the "just right" pressure with a foam roller as compared to a skilled massage therapist.