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Adductor/Hip Imbalance?

hi all ;
I’m training for powerlifting.When I do heavy squats,lunges ,bulgarian split squats ,front squats;I always feel my adductors doing all the work and they always get sore.However when I do squats and front squats with a narrow stance my quads and glutes do the work and get sore.

But I lift heavier in wide stance.Should I continue doing wide stance squats and concentrate on getting stronger or should I try to balance my strength with more quad and glute work.My adductors are much bigger than my quads.

The funny thing is why my adductors get sore after lunges and split squats.I tend to get worried by this imbalance or adductor dominance.Is it a problem ?My left leg is slightly interally rotated .Please help me with this subject thanks.