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Additional Work on Bill Starr

hi everyone…

i am an intermediate lifter,coming back from a back injury (3 months ago)

i am about to start in 1 week time a cycle of 9 weeks using the bill starr’s template.
basically there are 3 workouts per week
monday-heavy squat, heavy bench,cleans
wedsnday-light squat,heavy press, heavy deadlift
friday- triples with squat and bench,cleans

i have 2 questions:
1)i would like to do front instead of back squats on wedsnday to keep working on my fronts; i could do it easily without changing the loads that i would use for back squat since they are pretty light.would it be doable without having side effect on the overall cycle?

2)would doing 20 mins of interval training on the ergometer or sprints have side effects on my ability to recover?

thanks for the answers

  1. This was asked before: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/switching_from_powerlifting_to_olympic_style_back_squat

Starr 5x5 and Texas Method are extremely similar in design, and it says you can back squat or front squat on the light day (Wednesday).

  1. Think about the context and you should be able to answer it for yourself :slight_smile:

For example, one time a week? Seven times a week? Right before squats? On off days? Use common sense.

thank you very much.

for the question number 2 i understand i was not clear at all when i wrote it.
i meant to ask whether or not doing cardio after the work out (2 times a week) would affect the work out.

Sprinting will not inhibit or hinder gains in will probably help recovery. I perform 10, 15-20 second full out sprints at the end of squatting and deadlift days. It has never harmed my ability to recover.

I mean if it did every NFL linebacker has been doing it wrong for years. I think not!

I will post this new one here since I do not want to open a new thread.

so i have been doing Bill Starr for 4 weeks so far.(therefore this week I hit my previous 5RM)

I have noticed that in my second day if I do the deadlift before the light squat i can deadlift way better…way more explosive and strong
my light squat on the other hand doesn’t seem affected in any way by it…

do you think it is wise to keep deadlifting before squatting or else…?

thanks for the answers…