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Additional Work for my Lifts...


well, im not too good in choosing additional lifts to suplement my lifting so help me out !

bench press day :
bench press - jug method
narrow bench press - (paused) 3x8 (triceps strength needs work )
incline bench press- (paused)3x8 (weak as hell in this)
+beach work (biceps+triceps for gurls)

squat day :
squat-jug method
one legged squat 3x8
leg press 2x10
lying leg curls 3x12-15 (no ghr =/, i need to bring up my hamstrings tips? substitute leg press for some hamstring work??)

military press day:

military press - jug method
one arm dumbell press -2x8
lateral rises 3x10
bentover rises 3x10
arms work (triceps+biceps)

deadlift day:

deadlifts con.- jug method
rdl 2x8
pendlay row 3x8-10
one arm row 2x25
chin up 3x as many as possible

well i do so much arm work cos ...well they suck, my upperbody pressing strength is low, i need to builid up much more mass in that area. I pull well, i squat well.



my lifts

deadlift - 205kg
squat - 160kg x 5 (1rm not tested)
press overhead - 75kg x 2
bench press (sucks) - 105kg x 1
tested at 94kg weight , currently at 8's in juggernaut method, yesterdays weight 101,5 kg


Good-mornings have tremendously helped my squat. I remember back then when my squat went fron 315 to 365 after 6 weeks of good-mornings as max effort exercises. I know it was newbie gains but it worked.