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Additional Triceps Work in Best Damn Program for Natural Lifters?

Hello CT,

Currently i’m following you part 2 program and it works very well as long as I fulfill the requirements as you set them out. My (46 year old) body is getting much more solid as a whole, while not exceeding recovery capabilities, and being able to do my cycling routines. Bottomline I do not strive for getting huge -.as that would be a waste of time with my bodytype - but i want to bench and pull-up my own bodyweight 12 times easily and probably a bit more.

However i hope you could help me out with my lagging triceps. I suspect them to be the reason for my limited progress on chest and shoulders (and i want them to be bigger top) How should i fit that in without ruining the design of the program as triceps sometimes are quite early in the workout.

Thank you very much and best regards,

Apologies for the typo’s CT, that Dutch spellchecker did not help that much…