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Additional Strength Lifting

I train with an olympic lifting coach three days a week and would like to add maybe two or three more days of training for my upperbody and core strength.

I’m not looking for size and bulk necessarily but strength and power. Obviously the olympic lifting covers my legs and posterior chain but I need something for my arms, chest, and especially back (baseball player).

If you could point me in the direction of a program that I could simply take the upperbody portion of, or help me out in creating a few days of assistance lifting myself that would be great.

Thanks a lot.

ur shoulders should be strong from all the jerks and cleans im assuming, u can bench if u stretch alot cuz i know alot of oly lifters are to tight in the shoulder region, u can do back work after a clean session in which u do clean deads… triceps and biceps just throw in sometime on a off day

what kind of set/rep scheme should I use for the back chest and arms though? Im not really familiar with the number of exersizes and sets/reps used to develop strength as opposed to hypertropy

thanks for the help so far