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Additional Advice on Pecs Routine

I took some of your advice yesterday, when doing Chest. I did my usual routine, going up to 60lb. Then I added another set of 12 with the 55. And actually, that felt really good. Im still not able to push over 60 yet . . but the extra set gave me that burn out that I had been looking for. I am sore today - and I like that.

My Trainer said he added the KG ball for the end of the Chest routine to slowly work the lower pecs. He went on about how important it is to work the upper pecs and less on the lower because the lower pecs grow much faster . . . if that makes sense??

As if you managed to get something useful from that clusterfuck of replies lel.

Sounds good. Remember progressive overload isn’t just about weight. Do 2 sets of 55 one week and then 3 sets the next week and there’s your gains/improvements. Forcing the numbers on the DBs can be pretty hard and slow but adding sets is much easier.

Don’t go crazy with adding sets/volume tho and do 30 weekly sets or something because at a point it’s legitimately too much to recover from.

Lol he is full of shit but humor him, its working out for you right now.

Just keep riding the gain train mane.

Gud luck

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