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Addio 2005...


Hi to all..
i thouht to write that post to say "goodbye 2005".

why here? cause here i have found some new friends, learned a lot (non only on training...) and found new motivations..

i'm happy that 2005 is "dead".. it was one of the worst year in my short life... and it ends stagging my back...

i m not the kind of man who cry looking the sky and prying for a better time.. i work, hard, to get my goal...

but i like to say what i see.

and sometimes all my working can prevent life to play with me...

however here we are. a new year, new target, old target, new enemies but also new friends and newer determination...

for all of you out there.. have a big 2006.. cause, 2005 is dead


2005...Addio e vafanculo. :slightly_smiling:

Cin cin.


cin cin capo :slightly_smiling:
si fotta quel merdoso 2005 :wink:!

ah ah ah :slightly_smiling: