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Adding WPC to regular foods???

Ok, so i was looking at the ingredients of McD’s Fruit & Yogurt (don’t ask why, i just was) and i noticed that they include Whey Protein Concentrate (i assume to up the protein content) in the yogurt. Which made me wonder if Joe Regular could get a hold of some WPC and add it to various things (yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream) to bump up the protein content. Has anyone tried anything like this? Could Joe Regular order WPC from a supplier or do they just sell to companies? Any thoughts would be great.

Kross, you really don’t want just WPC, as it is high in lactose. Can you say gas machine. also, most WPC’s are higher in fat and sugar (milk sugar). If you want to do what I do, order a pure whey protein from supplementdirect. They are on the net and make an unflavored instantized whey protein concentrate/whey protein isolate. You get 72 servings of 23g protein, 1.5g carbs and 1.5g fat for only $20. That’s as close as you’ll get to what you want without the side effects.

WPC is whey protein concentrate which is just about every protein powder on the shelf. Why do ask if they only sell it to companies? It’s not like your ordering gammabutyrolactone. Natural flavor tastes like shit. The best deal for your money is any brand of the “5lb econo-whey”. Any supplement store would have one.