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Adding Winstrol to TRT

Hi everyone

I want to add 25 mg per week of oral winstrol to my TRT protocol

I’m currently on a E5D TRT protocol

I can either get 10mg winstrol pills or 50 mg pills that splits into 25mg.

What size pill is better and how should I incorporate the winstrol it into my TRT protocol?

Basic question is why do you want to add Winstrol (stanozolol) to your TRT protocol? Need to understand your goal before anyone can offer advice.

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Winstrol is not really considered TRT by anyone. You want to take it because it might help with IBD symptoms? It might, but it wouldn’t be my first choice, especially not oral form. If this is “Bio-hacking” or somehing along those lines, again - winny would not be my first choice.

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Hi youthful55guy

I want add it my TRT protocol to treat my ulcerative colitis

Dr Lichten has had success treating his patients using winstrol.

Hi hardartery

I thought it would be the best option because that’s what Dr Lichten uses for his patients.

What would you advice?

In spite of the “Deca dick” risks, I think Deca would better suit what you want, unless it causes you the dreaded sides. My probable first choice would likely be Anavar or d-bol though, but I’m not a gambler. Proviron would also be a consideration, but I don’t know if it’s strong enough to do what you want. IF I was to try Winstrol, I would want injectable just to avoid possible extra compications from liver toxicity. But it pays to do your research on each compound and sleep on the decision. I do have a friend that suffers from Colitis (I know not exactly the same) that gets by pretty well on high carbs (Still never has any bodyfat). He stuffs his face with doughnuts and beer and such things often in a desperate attempt to add weight - and it works until a flare up sends him back to where he was. Not a normally advisable diet choice, but it’s not a normal condition.

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That’s a new one for me, but then again I don’t follow the research on ulcerative colitis. What i can tell you from personal experience is that stanozolol will greatly suppress SHBG production. That may be good or bad for you depending on your current SHBG levels.

SHBG affects Free T. When it is high, it binds T and prevents it from crossing the blood-brain barrier where it is needed to feel normal. When it is low, the T is no longer protected from liver metabolism and increases the rate at which you metabolize and excrete T. This may require alterations in the frequency of your protocol injections to maintain free T within normal ranges at all time.

My experience is that just 5 mg/day (2.5 mg AM and PM) will bring my high SHBG (80-90 nmol/L range) to about the middle of the normal range. At that low dose, it has minimal (if any) affect on my liver enzymes. Oral anabolics are very stressful to the liver and I suspect that 25mg/day will not be a viable long-term treatment for your due to liver toxicity.

Regarding your original question as to pill size. I had not problems at all cutting a 10mg tablet into quarters, so I doubt you will have difficulty cutting a 50mg tablet in half.

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I was thinking to take 25mg winstrol per week

Would I need to split the dose and take it multiple times a week or could I take one 25mg pill every 7 days?

Do you take 5mg winstrol a day? 35mg oral winstrol a week?

Took (past tense). It was a trial a couple years ago to see if I could control my high SHBG levels with either stanozolol or Oxandrolone (Anavar). It worked, but I choose instead to simply increase my T dose to saturate the SHBG protein so that enough T spills over to keep my Free T within my target range.

Oral stanozolol has a half life of about 9 hours, so that is why i took it twice per day to keep blood levels at a more constant level.

Now that I understand that you are talking about low dose treatment, I would recommend purchasing the 10mg tablets and cutting them into 1/4 tablets (you need a good tablet cutter) and then take 2.5mg twice per day. This will increase your weekly dose to 30mg, but that should be OK. By taking it more frequently, you put less acute stress on the liver and maintain more constant blood levels.

My experience is that you should be able to maintain this protocol indefinitely, but you do want to keep an eye on liver labs. I would recommend at least twice per year. I’d also limit other drugs that put stress on the liver. Oral OTC analgesics ibuprofen and naproxen in particular.

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The mantra—which is not repeated enough these days—is lowest effective dose. 25mg is good for bodybuilding purposes (on the low side, but still good). But you’re not looking for strength or aesthetics. If you’re using it in an attempt to treat your medical condition then start lower. You can always increase if necessary. But if you can get away with only 10mg to do the job then that’s what you use. Winstrol is not a free lunch. There are side effects. The more you use the higher the incidence of said side effects.

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Hi iron_yuppie

Do you mean 10mg per week?

Would I get away with taking one pill a week or is the half life too short for that??

Thanks for all the information everyone

Taking 2 pills a day AM and PM is not appealing to me. How strict would I need to be with the timings?

I’m curious to hear more of your thoughts. I’m thinking a longer Esther injection following Dr Lichtens method might be an easier option

No, that’s per day.

To my knowledge, there is no ester of stanozolol. There is an injectable suspension, and it does have a longer half life of 24 hours, but it is not an ester. Just microfine stanozolol in an aqueous suspension for IM injections. Even though it is an injectable, it has the same side-effects profile as the oral. Personally, I’d go with the oral.

Regarding your question as to whether or not you can get by with once per day oral dosing, I have no idea for your medical condition. However, it will put more acute stress on the liver. Then again, the liver has longer to recover before the next dose, so perhaps it’s a wash. I had a specific and different medical condition I was treating and I believe that twice per day dosing met my goals much better.

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Would 10mg winstrol per day be safe long term along with TRT?

Not really, no. But I suppose it depends on your definition of “safe” and “long term”. At that low dose you could probably run it for eight weeks without any real concern, take a break, then come back again.


It’s not the same, but maybe this will help. I used a lot of Winstrol back in the day and it was usually the second oral added, after Dianabol, to any AAS program. One of the local lifters would go to Mexico every year and come back with two suitcases full of it. Of course, the injectable version was used as well whenever we could get it.

Typical dose for Winstrol was 10-30mg per day, injections 50-100mg per week. Most were cycling on and off so while liver toxicity was a concern, we knew we were going to take a break. Some would check lipids and LFTs after taking a break before going back on again, just to see how well they recovered.

Bodybuilders and powerlifters would tend to say on longer than weightlifters. Some of the guys would literally stay on until their blood work was bad enough to scare them. They’d go off for six to eight weeks, everything back to normal, then back on. I followed a lot of them this way.

I watched the video, if you go with Dr. Lichten, he’ll follow your labs and he sure has plenty experience using Winstrol for your condition. However, he didn’t seem to think the low dose would be a problem long term. Good luck and keep us posted with your results.


Morning highpull, morning everyone

That’s so cool, sometimes I wish I was part of that suitcase from Mexico generation.

I’m not in the same country as Dr Lichten but I’m trying to treat myself following his method.

I can’t find a pill splitter with perfect reviews, and quartering pills and taking them like that as part of my TRT long term seems tedious

So I’ve decided to go with primo instead of winstrol and after maybe around 6 weeks I’ll add in some deca (maybe 20mg per week) to my TRT protocol

We also have another member of the community treating himself following Dr Lichtens method who uses primo instead of winstrol, see the following thread: Steroid Cycles with IBD?

I’ve already ordered the primo, I’m planning to start using it after my blood test next week.

Would 50mg primo per week lower my shbg the same as 25mg winstrol per week?

Would 50mg primo be a good addition to my TRT? Or would 100mg per week be better?

I do not know about milligram for milligram, but presumably it would lower SHBG. The question is how you react to it and that is easily determined.

My experience with primobolin is limited. It was difficult to get and expensive. It came in 100mg pre-loaded syringes, so that’s what we took.

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