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Adding Winstrol to Test/Tren Cycle

Hey folks

Just starting cycle of test 600 mg/week (prop and ethanate blend so 300 mg every 3 days) and tren ace 100mg EOD.

Have run this in past with little side effects ( back acne)

Is adding winny to this overkill? Was thinking 75mg a day orally.

Thoughts on tweaking? Perhaps the test amount is overkill at that point?

Any input appreciated. I’m 35- 210 lbs prolly 18-20% body fat right now.

Just retarded starting any cycle @ that B/F %

Anyone with helpful input that knows what they’re talking about?

Not trying to be a dick, but aren’t you the guy who started a tren cycle while “barely being able to bench 70 kgs”. Seems a bit hypocritical IMO.

Do you mean every 3.5 days? I am only responding to this specifically, because some people actually do make mistakes like this, and run out of gear or get sides because they are on more than they think.

I know you would be putting yourself out there, but do you have a faceless picture? Some people under, some people over estimate BF %. How tall are you? That also give an indication of how much muscle you have.

I think it isn’t going to do much compared to tren (that is just my opinion). I also probably will never take it because I powerlift and winny + powerlifting and joint health are mutually exclusive. If it is me, I am skipping winny and getting mast, as it will have a similar effect with less negatives.

Probably not that helpful. Just my thoughts.

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You are not 18%. I’d say 13%? Big difference between 18-20 and 13. Anyway, as far as Winstrol with tren it’s a popular combo. I guess it depends on your goal.


I think you are correct on bf percent.

Ya I was really just estimating after looking up images on google :joy:… and no I’m not the dude who started a tren cycle and couldn’t bench 70kilos…although it’s been like 3 month since I’ve actually benched so who fckn knows…I’ll be happy if I can bang out 245lbs 6x

If one watches the anabolic doc’s YouTube channel he states trenbolone + winstrol is the combination that induces heart disease/plaque build-up at absolutely unprecedented rates. Trenbolone hits lipids hard, there are plenty of anecdotal bloods posted up online with LDL 250+ HDL <20. I don’t watch much of his content nowadays as it’s too “brosciency”, but it’s a decent source for information regarding various compounds and associated side effects.

Stanozolol is probably the harshest compound out there in terms of lipid demolition (actually methyldrostanolone might be worse, chlorodehydromethyltestosterone/and non-aromatising c17-aa AAS trailing closely). A tren/winny combo is typically a combo wherein the risk heavily, heavily outweighs the reward.

From looking at literature the effect in relation to 19-nors/progesterone/androgen mediated dopaminergiic signalling is also of concern. Trenbolone (and all AAS) are probably neurodegenerative when used over long swathes of time (I can link data and list mechanisms to prove my point if anyone wishes to rebut this). Trenbolone in particular has a unique habit of taking relatively normal men and turning them into absolute assholes/changing their demeanour completely. Reminds me of the amateur PL who was running 1-2g tren/wk (permablasting). He/his posts…. Seriously changed while he was on… and he never really came off. This effect is largely individualistic in nature, trenbolone appears to effect men unpredictably.

Look out for that… esp the paranoia/jealously that some occasionally report on tren. Don’t let gear ruin relationships with others

I don’t have any input regarding how to stack drugs like stanozolol or trenbolone as I’ve never used them. If I had to make a recommendation, I’d say drop the winny… tren is harsh enough on it’s own.

It’s a classical example of “the pot calling the kettle black”. The sheer audacity to call him retarded…

He was talking about ukben who put in a totally unhelpful comment, yet who did a cycle while looking like the Skinnyfat poster model and who would expect helpful comments to his questions.

I wouldn’t add Winny. Personally I don’t think it has much place in recreational cycles and it punishes the joints in my experience. I’ve never used Tren so can’t comment on that but you’ve got advice from the other guys. Good luck with it.

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To clarify when I made my “pot calling the kettle black” comment I was referring to ukben, not mben87.

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I thought that. Welcome back to the forum @unreal24278, needed a break did you?

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