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Adding Winstrol to Test/Tren Cycle?

Currently on my 6 week of test 600m a week and 200mg tren a week looking to add proviron and wistrol any thoughts looking to get lean

Winny + tren + proviron will temporarily (albeit significantly) DESTROY you’re lipid profile, I’m talking potential HDL of less than 4 and LDL 200+ (I’m saying potential).

You’re already on 600mg test 200mg then, if you can’t get lean on that then no amount of gear in the world will help.

So what I hear people claim is running a dht on tren has its benefits. Proviron it self won’t effect your liver at all and granted your healthy your snap back from the winstrol. Just make sure to use liver supplements.

Unreal has a good point tho if your doing this because your having issues getting lean then this won’t help. If your already have great success and just need a extra push I’d say go for it!

I stared with 180lb. I am 200lb already am bringing my test down to 400 maybe even to 300 a week keeping the tren at 200. Wanted to know what effects I can expect if I added the proviron an the winstrol ?