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Adding Winstrol to End of Test/Eq Cycle


All right, I'm currently at week three of a planned 14 week sustanon/ equipoise cycle. 500 mg of each per week. Started cycle at 220 lbs and about 12% bf. I'm consuming in the area of 4000 cals a day.

Anyways, I have some oral winny and I'm wondering what benefits I might see with adding it in for the last 5 or so weeks. Never used it before...
Wondering what experienced users would suggest for a dose, diet, etc...
I understand the information I gave is fairly vague. Just ask if I need to elaborate on anything.


winny’s good, you should add it, definitely


Ha ok


What would you suggest for my dose and duration?


It’s gonna assist in your strength gains and improve vascularity. Depending on how much injectable winstrol you got, I would just smack it all down in those last weeks and let that decide the dosage.
But 50 mg is a good place to start, but a lot of people often go to 100mg when it is injectable.


It’s actually oral winny… but I got 120 10’s so I don’t think I’ll run short. I was thinking 20 or 30mg/day from what I’ve read, but I’m open to suggestions.


I wouldn’t run it less than 50


you could add it in for 3 weeks after the Sustanon/EQ, when you’re waiting for their esters to clear, prior to PCT…

i wouldn’t expect massive gains, but it should help keep your E2 from creeping up prior to PCT


Sounds good to me. Thanks guys.