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Adding Weight

Ok…I know what everyone is gonna say…EAT! Other than diet, can I take anyting that will pack on lbs fast without adding unwanted fat. I took creatine many years ago but then stopped for a while. It added a few lbs fast but then really was just a maintain thing after.
I am very lean and it is hard for me to pick up weight even though i eat alot during the day. Anyone else lean with a high metabloic rate having the same problems?
Also, I used EAS’ Phophagen a long time ago…what is the new/good creatine to take now?

eh, not really and yes. Creatine will contribute some water weight and help you recover faster, thus allowing you to work harder…so inderectly, yes.

Test boosters will have a similar effect.

But, bottom line is that food is your best bet. If you have trouble eating a lot of food, get some liquid cals. I’d reccomend staying pretty clean, but it’s tough to do, so some fast food is ok for a short time.

Also, since you say you are naturally thin, I’d reccomend really bulking…not a slow, clean one, but a true old-school, eat everything not nailed down, bulk. If you are really thin naturally, you will easily shed any fat gain afterwards.

However, if you expect to put on 20lbs of muscle with 0 fat gain, you are in for a long tough and maybe unwinable battle.

force yourself to eat

you are weak willed.