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Adding Weight to Cable Pull Through

So what do you do if a cable stack is not enough weight, only 200 pounds, I do cable pull throughs but I have to find a way to add weight, anyone have any ideas?

Put dumbbells on the weight stacks? Just a thought.

i used too get a chain and tie a plate on too it

[quote]jtg987 wrote:
i used too get a chain and tie a plate on too it[/quote]

I guess that might work

Some of the machines in our local gym have removable plates that fit over the center pin and stack into nubs on the top plate. I have borrowed these from other machines before to get more on the stack. If you do borrow be nice and put em back.

Also be careful to not overload. The designer of that machine might not have put a thick enough cable on it for a big increase. My rigs cables are rated for 600# but my partners rig can only do 400#. Wish I was doing enough to snap either of em. Heh.