Adding Weight Every Cycle?

Hi. Let me be sure about something. Adding weights for next cycle should be done when I feel I can or absolutely every cycle?

For example first option for me will looks like that, when I’ll do 8-10 reps at 5s week then I’ll add weight on next cycle.

I am right or it’s permanently rule to add 5 - 10 lbs per cycle?

Follow the program - it seems to work damn well.

You mean progress by 5-10 lbs per cycle? I am asking because you said to progress slowly and in my meaning it’s adding weight when I feel I can, you know auto regulation.

It already is (comparatively) slow. Add 5 pounds for upper body and 10 for lower body every cycle until you can no longer make your minimum lifts, or sooner depending on individual preference. It is this programmed progression that forces your adaptation and gains. Once you can’t make your lifts, reset, either with a flat percentage (Jim originally suggests 10%) or by a fixed month amount. I usually “reset” back 4-5 months.

[quote]Jim Wendler wrote:
Follow the program - it seems to work damn well.[/quote]


Yes, you should add 5 to 10 pounds every cycle just as Jim said. If in your current cycle, say on 5’s weeks for example, if you can only get 5 reps on the OHP; then that’s fine add 5lbs next cycle. If that 5th rep was an absolute struggle or you only got 4 reps then perhaps you calculate your new training max and reset that lift for the next cycle, otherwise add 5lbs.

You should probably not try to auto-regulate too much, it sounds like you’re very much learning right now and should just stick to the basic structure that Jim lays out.

Thanks for replies. Now everything is clear for me.

[quote]Jim Wendler wrote:
Follow the program - it seems to work damn well.[/quote]

had a pretty good laugh at this.