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Adding Weight and Sets to Main and BBB Lift?

Im sure this has been asked a butt load of times, but if im doing the 5/3/1 program, is it going to hurt me to add weight and sets to the main and BBB

BBB as well as the main lifts follow a very specific progression. Use the percentages it calls for. Your BBB weights are based on your TM. Your TM should only increase after your 3 week cycle

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Can you elaborate and clarify exactly what you are asking?

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Er, read one of the books?

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Like for this one squat was supposed to stop with the 5+ at 365 and the bbb was supposed to be done with like 195 or something like that

Squat Warm up
5 x 150.0 lb
5 x 190.0 lb
3 x 230.0 lb

Squat Main
5 x 270.0 lb
5 x 310.0 lb
6 x 365.0 lb
2 x 405.0 lb
2 x 405.0 lb

Squat Boring but BIG sets
10 x 205.0 lb
10 x 205.5 lb
10 x 205.0 lb
5 x 205.0 lb
10 x 225

This looks like you could mean doing Joker sets after the main lift. In general, such sets over the main programmed lifting are only recommended by Wendler to be used rarely. In many of his recent programs, you basically only do them at all 2 out of 10 week, and even where programmed you would only do them at all if the main sets went well. Using your example, 6 reps on a 5+ days does not seem well enough to generally warrant any Joker sets.

I would just do the lifts as prescribed in the program as Wendler wrote it. I’m not sure why you would want to change it this way.

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I’m just going to say no. Pretty much anytime someone has asked to do more weight the answer is don’t. The point is to make progress doing a bit less than you can on the assistance so in this case it would be 195 for 5 sets of 10, if that’s easy good it means your strong. As far as the extra sets of 405 it might depend what they looked like, if the last was like a 2RM it probably wasn’t a good idea.

You might be capable of doing all that extra weight/sets now, but there are four possibilities here long term

  1. You don’t improve, you can only blame not following the program
  2. You improve but not because of those extras, so it was just wasted effort
  3. You improve but eventually hit a wall because you gave it 90-100% too long and can’t maintain that forever
  4. You improve by what your doing and only because of those extras, your smarter than everyone and should write a training book.

Yeah first of all if you only got 6 reps on your 5+ week, your training max is already too high. You should be getting probably around that (at least) on the 1+ week. You probably have zero business doing joker sets then also.


Uhm, I might be wrong but I also think that PR sets + Jokers + BBB on ALL lifts is borderline suicidal. Not sure if I understood the meaning of the sets/reps, tho.
And I should double check it but I think that Forever suggests 5’s Pro + BBB@FSL, so no PR sets and no Jokers, as a guideline. Not sure if the variants of BBB have PR sets/Jokers, but don’t think so.

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Sorry for not replying sooner. I don’t really know what joker sets and such are, i suppose i can google it. And i wasnt tracking that the 5+ meant a fail set, just thought i was supposed to do atleast 5 or something. Next squat workout i did 350 for a set of 10 the did some additional lifts with more weight. Tomorrow the goal is 350 for a set of 11 according to the app. I’ve gone to jist following the program. I just feel like i should be lifting more, gotten too used to long ass workouts i suppose

This isn’t the most confusing question I’ve ever gotten but it is easily top 100. That’s quite a feat.


Haha, i feel like thats probably not a good thing

Have you at least read the free article on T-nation?

Wendler has stated that there is no official 5/3/1 application for any platform. You are leaving your training in the hands of a copycat.

I had not