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Adding Weeks to Cycle Good or Bad?


Im adding a few weeks to my cycle. Originally run time was 12 weeks but I had some personal issues that through me off my game so Im adding for weeks to make up for the 3-4 weeks of not being on point.
So Im doing
16 weeks
600mg Test cyp
Anastrozole .50 2X week
HCG .25 3X week
HGH 3iu 5/2
No PCT just going to cruise after 200mg weekly

Following the 12weeks to size diet and WO plan just adding 4weeks


Shouldnt be a problem. Only real worry would be possible longer recovery time but, you seem to be running everything to make that go smoothly as it could. But, in general my cycles are always 15-20 weeks long.


Shouldnt be a problem


I’d change the adex to .25 EOD instead of twice a week. Other than that I think it looks good.


.50 is what feels best for me. Had too much bloating doing it .25 EOD… I kinda prefer just to take all my juice and stuff on Mon & Th for simplicity


If it works for you. Thats cool. I was basing it on the half life and keeping levels stable but you have to do what works for you.