Adding Vitex (or the new M product) w/ Tribex??

Hey guys, just want some feedback from you all.
I dont take any pro-hormones or steroids (I would love too, but I get drug tested and I dont want to risk losing my job). But I do religiously take: Tribex, ZMA and Methoxy-7 and have gotten great results. My question is: is it worth taking vitex (or the new “M” supp) if you dont take any pro-hormones or steroids, and stacking it with the Tribex, ZMA and Methoxy-7? Anyone out there who has taken vitex byitself or stacked with tribex, and if so, what were your guys results and thoughts?

Thanks for asking this question…I was wondering the same thing myself.

I take tribulus 3x a day and just added Solaray Vitex, 225mg, 2 caps 3x a day. So far, good results. I’m 39 and have experienced more oily skin, a little extra acne, and good wood (NPT!).

I’ve been taking tribex off and on ever since it first came out. I have to say the Vitex hit me a lot harder and seems to be a more potent testosterone booster…however i’ve only been taking it a week now.

Vitex would be fine alone, or in concert with trib… it increases “T” on it’s own… the new “M” I’m sure will be great. It’s this one that maybe even more useful as an anti-aromatase, when coming off a cycle… the T-mag boys have been pretty tight lipped about it so far… they’re getting quite good at generating excitement about their products… I know I cant wait to learn more… (hint…hint)

i recently recieved my bottle of vitex and forgeting how much brock took, I took the recommended dosage along with my Tribex. I took a total of 9 cap of vitex and 8 caps of tribex and come friday I could really feel a difference. I don’t know how i would of faired in the weightroom but that combo had me performing like a porn star friday night with my girlfriend. The stack had me feeling like a 17 year old. I like the stuff and so does my girlfriend :wink:

Nylo,are you taking Tribex or some other tribulus product?Kelly what amount of Vitex
are you taking and when?

I’m taking 2 caps of the 400 mg solaray vitex per day…(its not the extract version). I just take both of them in the morning.

Enrage, What brand of Vitex are you using?

i’m the same brand as Brock is using, Solaray. The stuff sells for like $5 on the web.

Monkeymind: I buy bulk tribulus and cap it myself. A little more work, but worth it.

GNC sells two types of Vitex. The first is via their own fingerprint brand and is 500mg of total Vitex. The other is new and is called PMS Formula. It has quite a few vitamins such as Folic acid, E, Biotin, etc as well as 800mg of Vitex extract. The extract excludes all the non productive part of the chaste berry so it is much more potent than the regular Vitex. The PMS is about $20 and the Vitex formula is about $10.Of course, someone may wonder why you are taking PMS pills. :frowning: