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Adding Vegetables to Scrambled Eggs

If you throw the spinach in first and cook it off until it’s defrosted and water gone then yes otherwise you are going to end up with horrible eggs.

I don’t really like scambled eggs but I force them down as follows:

  • Start eating a raw carrot as you prepare everything
  • Quarter a tomato and slice mushrooms. Fry them off (try only moving now and again)
  • Throw into a bowl, then put in a big handful of spinach into the pan until it wilts. Throw that into the bowl
  • Cook your scambled eggs until just set then throw them into the bowl with veggies
  • Add half an avacado
  • Put lots of Tabasco ontop, salt and pepper

Anyway, I find the combo of mushroom, tomato, spinach and avocado really good. Onion can go in there as well as peppers (not so much a fan of peppers)


I often put capsicum/peppers, tomato, mushroom, spinach, garlic, onion and ham if I’ve got the time. It always comes out really nicely


I recognize that book.

Almost every morning I have eggs with zucchini.

I also love mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, peppers, spinach and tomatoes for this (potatoes if you want caaaaarbs)

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Gourmet Nutrition!

I go for onions, peas, peppers, mushrooms, carrots, or really whatever I have around, just drain off the water, then add the eggs. get-mobdro.com

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Tomatoes and eggs are great. Look up a recipe for shakshuka or Turkish menemen if you like that combo. We have either for breakfast several times per week.


This is my definite go-to. Costco has an organic “Normandy blend” with that exact mix. BJ’s has an organic frozen spinach/kale mix that I also use super-regularly. But yeah, as has been said, any frozen stuff should be cooked before being introduced to the eggs.

You’ve been off the Island for too long, man.

Bacon, egg, and cheese. Ketchup, salt, and pepper. No? (To be fair though, sausage > bacon for me).


It’s one word - saltpeppaketchup. But yeah - I’m just part of the saltpeppa crew. Horrible when they put ketchup on it because the bread soaks it up and it just ruins the goodness.

I was just in Mattituck for a week a couple weeks ago - had tons of pizza, egg sandwiches, and even some bagels with lox.


Not a fan of ketchup either. Tomato is better. Just tastes too sugary to me. I like BBQ sauce, as it has some spice to balance out the sweet, but ketchup is just sweet.

That is the most New York thing I could imagine :laughing: , that or a lox bagel with chive cream cheese


@Voxel put me on to shakshuka when I was doing BTM and eating 12 eggs a day. Great for any meal, any time of day, and you can get super versatile with it.


I did a version of this once where you bake them in the oven - Spanish eggs I think?

I used the flimsiest towel you have ever seen to take out the hot cast iron pan. I knew I was in trouble after about 2 seconds but I couldn’t get the pan back in the oven.

Pan drops, eggs and tomatoes everywhere. It was as if someone made a bomb out of egg and saucy tomato. I was still finding egg months later, even the dogs couldn’t get it all.

Anyway, Spanish eggs, also delicious - get chorizo in there though


I use fresh spinach leaves. I add olive oil to the pan and saute the spinach leaves until they are wilted then I add the eggs and scramble. Top with some Cholula hot sauce. I have been having this for breakfast every day for over a year. 2-3 whole eggs and 6-7 egg whites.

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Frittata > scrambled eggs. Seriously try it. The effort is a bit greater but it meal preps so you can make a few days worth.

I put spinach, onions, peppers, sausage/bacon, beans l, canned tomatoes amd top it all with cheese. Endless possibilities!!

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