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Adding Vegetables to Scrambled Eggs

Afternoon all, every morning I eat eggs, love them but trying to get more veg into my diet and have tried adding baby tomatoes that go really well in there.

Just looking for ideas on what other veg goes well in scrambled eggs. I’ve got some frozen spinach but wondering if that can be cooked from frozen into the eggs or not in a frying pan.

Random topic i know but need some ideas please?

But tomatoes are a fruit…

I have added kale just fine. Really, anything you can put in an omelet can be put in a scramble.

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I normally go with onions and peppers.


You can shred up (zucchini, bell peppers), drain it, add corn starch, parmesan, eggs, and then cook it like hashbrowns. That’s more of adding eggs to your vegetables instead of the other way.

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bad idea. Microwave and drain first. Preferably press with a paper towel first. you don’t want watery scrambled eggs


That’s the key. Otherwise you end up with a soggy mess.

I go for onions, peas, peppers, mushrooms, carrots, or really whatever I have around, just drain off the water, then add the eggs.

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I was wondering if carrots would work.

Not really “scrambled eggs” in the traditional sense, but tomatoes scrambled with eggs is a Chinese classic. Acidity and umami from the tomatoes is heavanly with the richness of eggs. Eggs just soak up all the flavour too.


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Tbh, I hate them. I HATE tomatoes lol. I just pour ketchup or chili sauce on omelettes.

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There’s a different taste and texture.

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100% agree with you @dt79

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Haha the texture alone makes me want to hurl.

Lol. Those grainy mealy ones are the worst. And the skins. Yuck

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I know, just poking fun at you saying you hate tomatoes and immediately saying you pour puréed tomatoes on eggs.

By the way, just a couple weeks ago my wife tried to put ketchup on my kids eggs and I forbade her from doing it - when my son asked me why, I told him that ketchup on eggs is for communists. Anyway, I lost that battle and now live with a bunch of filthy commies.



Gimme your address. I’ll send you all one of my little red books that I bought for shits and giggles in HK.


Jalapeños and fat free cheese omelet with habanero hot sauce is where it’s at.

Air fried hash browns and ketchup on the side


I’ve done frozen vegetable medley (broccoli, cauliflower, orange carrots, yellow carrots) with good success.

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Are potatoes still a vegetable?

I like little red potatoes microwaved, drizzled with some Evo and a couple of scrambled eggs all in a bowl.

With some black pepper and basil.