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Adding Tren to Next Cycle. Dose Advice?

So i’m thinking about adding Tren in for my next cycle. My stats are 230 10% body fat at 6 ft. I’ve done 4 other cycles at this point and trained naturally to 205 lean. I’ve ran up to 500mg of test, 50mg of win ED, 50mg of dianabol ed, and NPP at 300mg. I want to prep for a show for next spring and am doing research on dosages. I want to do tren E because the longer half life makes it safer. Just looking for some feedback, and recommendations on dosages. Thanks in advance!

6’ 230 @ 10% is beast. Well done, man.

Now, on to your question. Before we go any further I must put this out there: your comment regarding the relative safety of longer ester tren is not grounded in any kind of science or existing data. It simply is not true. I do not know where you picked up that information, but I would advise you to discard it just as quickly as you heard it. If anything the longer half life makes it less safe because it takes longer for side effects to subside.

Now, the usual advice with tren is start with ace and start lower and work your way up. That seems to be a responsible way to use this drug. Starting at 50mg/d is pretty common. You could even start lower if you’d like, but 50 appears to be about as much of a consensus number as you’re going to get with something like tren. If you need more you can of course always increase the dose once you’ve learned how you handle it.

How long were you planning on running it? And what else will be included in this cycle?


Most likely just Test E, but debating an oral because of my previous history with them and getting pretty much no sides. Not sure what dosages I should run because some people recommend low test high Tren, while others high test low Tren. between 12-16 weeks most likely, and what oral do you think I should run with Tren if I include one?

I have ran tren wirh all my bulk cycles prior to the one I’m on now. Iron gave me the same advice as did many others and I did just that. Started Tren A at 50mg and bumped it to 100mg pretty quickly. Next two cycles I used Tren E successfully. You probably won’t have issues but man if you start with Tren E and do have bad sides you’ll be in hell for awhile. Even using Tren three times my last one was rough and sides really got to me hence not using it this cycle. I am using NPP and Iron on a side note from a previous conversation the joint relief isn’t just a little it’s incredible really. I’m 45 and a big guy at 285 right now and my joints kill me. Anyway start with Tren A man. I’ve heard some story’s from others who didn’t and it’s ugly.


Tren is super super strong…it has sides on top of sides…tbh you want the minimum effective dose. The whole run tren higher than test or test higher is relative. Sum guys do great low test high tren. Sum dont… If i run tren at 300 & test 200 my sides are horrid. 300test 200 tren = great results no sides. Unfortunately yur gonna have to play with yur doses to find the right balance. But Ace is yur best bet…u dont wanna suffer trensomnia for 2 weeks. Broken Dick, rage, sweats… Even on a perfect dose every now & then tren will bite u. Make sure you have caber, hcg, anastrozle on deck. Nothing shuts u down like tren… My nuts hurt so bad & shriveld to grapes once when i ran out of hcg…worst pain ever…i would say a little tren goes a long way so dont be like one of these idiots that pins 1cc gets tren cough & calls 911… U can easily get gains at 50mg eod. So why not take advantage when yur system is virgin to the compound.


Yeah I have hcg and caber on deck. I bought a shit ton of pct and stock piled it last cycle for future endeavors. So this is what I’m thinking

Week 1-4
Test 500
Tren 200 Tren ace will kick in by then and I’ll see what I’m getting myself into. If it feels too low dose And I get zero sides I’ll kick it to 50ed and rock n roll.
Week 4-6
Test 500
And whatever tren dose is comfortable for my body
Week 6-12
Test 500
Winstrol 50mg ed with liver support

Really trying to taper in on this period. I appreciate the feedback and if this looks good in your eyes I think this is what I’ll run so lmk!

It looks good to me just start low with Tren. 50mg ace trust me u will feel it fast. Yur heart will race, weird taste, then weights feel like feathers.
Im thinking same thing for a bulk cycle
500-750 test cyp week then 50-75mg ace eod… I thought same as you maybe winny 50 last 6 weeks to harden & dry out. But Var would be better…less sides…same hard dry look but more viens…i think yull hit 250 ez…maybe throw in sum hgh for recovery

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it’s unfortunately so hard to find real var, and it is so much more expensive than winny. I definitely would like to run var instead because it doesn’t dry your joints like winny does.

Having used actual rx anavar spoiled me to everything else. It was like strength and good feels in a bottle with zero downside. It was one of those things where you look back and say “what’s the catch?” because it was almost too good. If you can find a trusted source it’s absolutely worth the extra money. I’m told that it’s pure magic with tren. I have no personal experience with that combo, but on paper it looks like it’s exactly what almost every lifter could want.

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My last 2 weeks of my cut cycle was tren Ace and Var… It was magic. Exactly what Var usually always does no sides just great gainz… I ran Tren and Winny togther gainz good but felt like utter shit. The Var had same hardning and drying affect…strength good and my veins were coming out like veins on veins. Its not even a fair comparison… Winny vs var is like a street hooker vs a professional escort… Yea they both make u nut but you get what u pay for.


I can say it’s pretty amazing. I didn’t get the pleasure of rx anavar but I did have raw powder that I tested.

To the OP

The only down side I had was when running 100mg/day the pumps and cramps got pretty harsh. I was able to mitigate most of this with taurine a gallon and a half of water and proper diet.

Il also say I didn’t see much difference from 50-100mg a day except for the pumps. I love high doses I like to push the limits but I’m a firm believer in diminishing returns in the sense that if the reward doesn’t outweigh the negatives its time to cut back.

I liked winstrol as well i was lucky enough to get very little side effects from it but having used var il probably never touch winny again. I think winny beats var in contest prep but for recreational lifters var wins


I appreciate all the responses. I’ll try and look around for some legit var and if I find it it’ll be my ideal cycle. If not, I’ll run the stanozolol

6 weeks in a test, tren and anavar cycle. Loving it. I say go for it

100mg tren a daily with 50mg var, 600mg wk test base. My veins look like spider webs over my body

Do you notice any drop in libido/ED from the Anavar?

@iron_yuppie @zeek1414
Also curious if you guys experienced any major loss of libido/ED from Anavar (while running Test) and if there’s a way to combat that?

I tried anavar at 25 mg daily for a couple weeks a while back… I don’t think it was actually anavar… whatever it was, no impact on libido/ erectile function… so if it WAS anavar then there’s my experience to weigh in

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Yup I sure did it wasn’t horrible but noticeable.

IMO. Anavar was a waste of money. I don’t personally get the hype. Sure it’s super mild low side effects helps build muscle and drop fat if dieting/and training right. But for me it personally just gave me pumps, and maybe a little tightness. I think it’s a great drug for someone sub 8% looking to compete. But otherwise it’s a waste IMO I understand the appeal it gets about low side effects tho

Not that iv noticed mate

Don’t suppose we could get a pic? I don’t condone you’re dosages, but I will admit if you’re actually on

700mg tren
600mg test
50mg var

You probably look incredible (due to the additive effect of each drug). I’ve always wondered “what does a physique look like” on those kind of dosages. Could we get a pic?

What would you say you’re current bf% is? Is it like 10-15 or something absurd like 4-5%? Is this actually you’re first cycle (prohormones and sarms count too)?

As a matter of fact, many a times when one says “this is my first cycle”… but they’ve used superdrol in the past… doesn’t get much stronger than superdrol lol, so they have run a cycle before (unless it was dosed at like 5mg daily)

I didn’t have an libido issues on Anavar. Will be running it again in about six weeks, so if anything pops up (or rather doesn’tpop up—heyooo) I’ll make a note.