Adding Tren Into Cycle After Dropping Prop Kickstart

So after much research I have decided for my goals I want to give Tren-E a go at a low dose.

I’m currently on:
Test-E 500mg /week
Test-P 80mg /EOD

Planning on a 16 week cycle but if results are really good I may extend it to 20 week, I have a near unlimited supply of raw test-E so I could continue indefinitely but I don’t feel like cruising ATM.

I’m around 3 weeks in and am starting to run low on prop (was only really using it as a Kickstarter), although I am seeing really good results and no sides and would love to simply continue I cannot keep on pinning the prop.

So I’ve decided to cook up 5g of Tren-E raw a buddy gave me, (cooked up half of it nicely 100mg/ml with grapeseed oil and a nice low BB concentration). So- I’ve been debating how I’m going to add in this Tren and when to 'drop the prop’:roll_eyes::drum:.

Would it be viable to drop the prop down to say 40mg EOD and bump the test-E up to 600 just so that my body doesn’t crash?- I can’t find much material online about the effects of changing test dosages mid cycle.
I was then planning to take 100mg Tren-E with my next testE shot on Sunday. (Planning to pin 100mg of Tren 2x a week). I would then continue on with 40mg of prop EOD for another 5 doses (10 days) before dropping it completely, I’m hoping the prop will leave my system just as the added Tren (and slightly high TestE dose is kicking in).

TLDR- running low on prop but don’t want to lose momentum I’m on, have a load of Tren-E I could ‘replace’ the prop with.

How would you personally do it in my situation? I have a bit of experience with Tren-A and it put on slabs of muscle even while on a cutting cycle so I’m looking forward to give Tren-E a try on a bulk.

Much thanks!

Anyone? Surely somebody here has experience with Tren-E or using Test-Prop as a kickstart

Is this you’re first cycle? Are you aware of the myriad of risks associated with tren?

If answer to question 1 is: Yes
then answer is: NO

If answer to question 2 is: No
then answer is: NO

If answer too question 1 is no + answer to question 2 is yes then: Decide for yourself whether you think it’s worth it, weigh the risks/rewards

Read my question, i feel like I worded it well enough for a reader to assume I knew at least the basics. It is not my first cycle, I already said I had some experience with tren-A. I don’t need generic newbie advice for Tren

I’m aware of the risks, hence why I am planning to only pin 75-100mg 2x a week. I’m not really even asking about the Tren specifically, I’m asking if it is ‘ok’ to drop my total test/week from 750-800mg to 500-600mg without it negatively affecting me and then adding the Tren to ‘replace’ the loss of the Prop.
Hope it clears it up thanks!

@unreal24278 is probably confused by the question as am I. You say you have experience but you are comparing two drastically different compounds as a replacement for one another. Also you are comparing a short with a long ester to make it more complicated. In short… it’s not a good replacement no. But I also don’t think you need to continue using the prop.

Don’t see the issue here. If you’ve used tren before, know the risks then you can make you’re own decision

Tren is far more anabolic than test alone (but also far harsher, and increases the risk of negative medical outcomes long term)

500mg test 100mg tren is, in theory, more anabolic than 800mg test alone… If you’re worried about losing gains, and that’s all you’re worried about… you won’t/shouldn’t lose gains switching the one out for the other

Thanks, answer I was looking for, will there be a noticeable ‘crash’ when I drop the prop? (Total test from 800-500mg). Because I know that Test is responsible for your body ‘feeling good’ or whatever (hence why we have to run it as a base for most cycles).

I’m very happy with my current dosage and would continue if I had enough prop, I don’t really want to go even more anabolic as I’m starting to see very very slight sides (bit of acne) and I know Tren will be quite harsh. Would even less Tren per week (75mg?) be a viable alternative to the 240-320mg prop I’m dropping in terms of mental well-being?


Mental wellbeing? Are you feeling bad currently?

Acne is an androgen mediated side effect (hypertrophy of sebaceous glands), thus more anabolics would be in the realm of adding oxandrolone, primobolan etc. Tren is equal parts anabolic/androgenic, but due to it’s potency is classified as a strong androgen.

Mentally, 19-nors deplete dopamine, serotonin, effects on gaba, ndma receptors will all potential lead to a feeling of… well depression/mental instability. Whilst the effect is likely dose dependent, tren is fuuucckkking potent; and given the individualistic response to the compound, the only way to be sure as to how you’ll respond is to recall how you responded that last time.

There appears to be a growing body of anecdotal evidence indicating that, for whatever reason… higher testosterone + tren increases sides whilst low test, high tren = less sides. There is no scientific backing to this however, yet it seems to be prevalent amongst many.

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Hence why I’m asking… I know they are vastly different and with very different half life’s, HOW can I make the Tren-E viable in place of the Prop (I want a similar anabolic effect as the 240-320mg Prop I’m dropping, not more not less). Supposedly Tren is 5x more anabolic/androgenic, so could a low low dose like 75mg a week be at least somewhat viable?

I understand it’s complicated to work out as Tren E is a long ester, but i gotta work with what I have. If I were to start the Tren-E now it should in theory start kicking in round the time the Prop is leaving my system.

Interesting but worrying, thanks for your response. I’m not feeling bad, in fact I’m feeling better than I have in a long long time (due to the high dose test) and I just don’t want to lose that drive/good positive energy.

You say that 19-nors can have an effect on mood, I remember not feeling any mental sides when I took Tren-A (lowish dose), but Deca at just 300mg made me very bitchy/moody/unmotivated, perhaps I may be susceptible to the dopamine ‘drainage’.

Based on what you have said and a bit more research, I think I may bump my test-E up to 600mg and simply bump the Tren down even more to avoid potential sides (ramping it up a bit if all is good), is it even worth it to say pin 60-70mg a week?

To complicated of a question for my experience. Maybe some of the other guys who run tren could comment. I know the profile/half life etc of Tren but have never run it.

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