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Adding to My Broad Jump

Google no help, T-Nation search no help, and I need to add 12" to my broad jump in two months(I jump 88" in a good day and need to jump 100").
I have no idea of technique. The only idea I have is to start training hip extension and do sprints, and maybe start trying to do GHRs.
Any suggestions(olympic lifts not an option)? Anything on technique, no matter how basic, is useful.
Thanks, Vlad

Sample training program:

  1. Standing broad jumps
    -3-4 sets of 3 jumps should be about right
    -make sure you get full recovery (2-3 minutes) in between sets, and really focus on producing a max effort each jump (the volume is not as important as the quality of the jumps)

  2. Then pick a heavy hip extension exercise: any deadlift variation, good mornings, possibly low box squats with a wide stance squats.
    -work up to a max set of 5,3, or 1, your choice

Do this about twice a week. You can add upper body stuff and other leg stuff after these 2 exercises if you want, but these will be your bread and butter for increasing your broad jump, so do them first and do them with intensity.


First find a soft surface you can jump into so you don’t kill your joints, like a sand pit. A mat is OK as long as it won’t slip when you land on it.

Reach up over your head with both arms as high as you can, and get on your toes, then drive them down and back forcefully, rocking back onto your heels and pushing your hips back hard. Most of your power will come from hip extension, so don’t worry about bending your knees so much.

Drive your arms forward and pull the ground back hard. Make sure you keep pulling against the ground all the way through to get full hip extension (don’t raise your knees in front of you in preparation for landing too early).

Action in the air and the landing is just like the hang and sail technique in the long jump. Keep your chest and head up, arms extended over your head.

A video of someone with pretty good technique:


Front Squats, Box Squats, Snatches, 2-arm Kettlebell/Dumbbell swings, and losing weight come to mind as good ideas for increasing your broad jump. I like the suggestions that have already been made but the fact is if you want just a better broad jump what you need to be focusing on is not only the speed and strength of your posterior chain so you can thrust yourself forward but the obvious need for explosive quad strength.

One of the most useful things I actually got out of Mens Health (hey sometimes they print good stuff) was that the benefit of Olympic lifts came 90% from the pull motion. Since all you want to do is increase your broad jump, you probably don’t have enough time to learn how to catch cleans and snatches.

Doing high pulls where you just clean up the bar without catching it will help with explosive trunk extension.

Many thanks smallmike. You mentioned something about long jump. Two questions though: one, by pulling against the ground you mean…? Like in a dead?(extend my hips without bending kness). Two: you mentioned the “hang and sail”-is it that chest up hands overhead thing you mentioned or does it involve more .

Aniway, GREAT advice- I mean it seems I had completely no idea how to jump…
Many many thanks.
Vlad :smiley:

Fightingscott, thanks, but for a few reasons, olympic lifts are out of hte question. For quads, I guess I can try pistols.

The man in the video seems to go into at least a half squat, and push mostly from the quads. So this is the technique?

Found this on exrx: exrx.net/Plyometrics/LongJumps.html

How much should I bend my knees?

Thanks again, Vlad :slight_smile:

  1. Well you are actually pushing, but I like to use “pulling” as a cue because it helps me load my hips and then follow through until my hips are fully extended. I find that I don’t load my hips enough when I think of it as a pushing movement.

Have you seen Dan John’s video on how to squat? He does a good demo in it where he has a guy broad jump as far as he can using his “natural style”, with a lot of knee bend, and then a second time without bending his knees, just taking advantage of the stretch reflex from his hips. The guy jumps a lot farther the second time. Focusing too much on pushing with your quads can actually inhibit your hip extension.

I also think the guy in the video you posted uses his quads too much, although it is hard to tell because of the quality.

  1. The thing the guy does in the video I posted is just the hang and sail technique. Don’t worry about it too much, once you get the basic motion it feels pretty natural.

Thanks. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
So chest up, hands overhead. :slight_smile:

Twice per week, I’d perform 1 or 2 plyometric exercises, followed by a squat variation, followed by a deadlift,clean or snatch variation, followed by explosive hanging leg raises.