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Adding to Cycle


When you are back to normal way after this cycle go ask you doc for these test. It a baseline overview of your sex hormones, thyroid gland, adrenal function, metabolic function, cholesterol, prostate and overall health. It is very important as abody builder to have records of your normal blood numbers. You need to start building a health file as part of your exersize program.

CBC (includes immune cells, red blood cells and hematocrit)
CMP-14 (Includes kidney and liver function, glucose and electrolytes)
Lipid Panel (LDL, HDL, Triglycerides)
Testosterone free and total (LC/MS assay with no upper limit)
Estradiol, Sensitive (LC/MS assay) your country probably doesn't offer this one. Get std E2
DHEA-sulfate (Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate)
TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) 
Free T3 (Free Triiodothyronine )
PSA (Prostatic Specific Antigen)
LH (Luteinizing Hormone)
FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone)


Yeah but still…police can’t just come to my house because the doctor said i’m using…they need to have some suspision of selling or something to come fuck with me… Thats what i think how it is.

Ok i will save what you written i should get tested.
So thank you for all this info…it’s a wery good baseline since i don’t think it’s my last cycle.
So when is the best to do the tests? Like to save my buget. Maybe mid and after or else?

And that you sent me is 6day workout…or should i put BACK and LEGS together on one day so then i have 5day workout…?

At your workout in section BACK says at the end finsh off with superset on cables…

Ok superset from what i know is 10x10 without big pause?
But wich exercise to do on cables for back?


HaHa oh yes, leg day. I forgot about #6 leg day. I think it is because I hate leg day.
I was doing that all from memory and I am old so my memory is not that great.


Ok…no problem.
Probabli moat of us hate leg days :slight_smile:
So what can i do about that, is it ok to put legs with back together?

And wich exercise do you use for back at cables?
It says in your workout…

What do you think about my PCT:
Tamoxifen 40/40/20/20
Two weeks after last injection.

Now im planing to do 12weeks cycle but i thought about to strech it to 16 or 18weeks but that extension would be 500mg/week then or even lesser.
PCT stays the same then?

You said most guis buy their tests…how do you meen that?


I would try each days exersize and the one that feels like your have some more in you add some legs.


Day 5 back
Pull ups 6 sets of 10
Lat pull downs
Set 1 reps - 20
Set 2 reps - 15
Set 3 reps - 12
Set 4 reps - 10
Set 5 reps - 8
Seated rows-
Set 1 reps - 20
Set 2 reps - 15
Set 3 reps - 12
Set 4 reps - 10
Set 5 reps - 8
Finish with a super set on cables
Lat pulldowns using Cables. std bar or grab the seated cable row handle and use it for a completely different pump on your lats.
Superset just rest 10-15 seconds while moving the pin in the plates.
How many? Until you can no longer do them.

I also did not mention abs glutes or any core exersizes. I do those everyday sometimes morning nd night at home not in the gym.


Honestly I don’t know much about PCT. I’m on TRT so I inject year round. When my blast is over I just go back to my normal T injection no PCT. We have several guys here on this forum that are very smart on PCT and have had great success getting their natural T flowing again. I hope one or some of them will jump in here to help you.


Ok thanks for that…
Well abs…you do many of that?
3years i go i came to 1200x 4different versions
Also… 100crunches (no pause) 100leg raises, etc. After 4th exercise 30seconds pause and from beginning.
But to that number i worked wery hard to come…
Now i’m not doing them at all for 3years, and they are still there…not so mutch but anyway.

You have any suggestions on abs? 2x weekly after normal workout maybe? I can’t do that at home…

No problem or i’ll ask around a bit


You seem to be a fair guy that knows what he’s talking about.
Can you help me out a little bit more?

I’m courious about how mutch carbs and protein I actually need to grow but not get too fat.
I’m now taking about 250g+ of carbs through the day (including carb powder between and after workout). And about 250g-300g of proteins.
Im getting a bit fatter like i said in previous post…
Fat i’m not taking too mutch…about 50-80g per day…
I don’t measure everything everytime so it variates but not mutch couse i measure food when i go eat.

So what do you say…?


I still find it hard to believe a guy 5 foot 7 at 180 lbs needs 3000 calories as a maint lvl.
250-500 cal over maint is the usual amount for insuring the best muscle growth. That said, anytime you are in a surplus your body is going to store what it did not use a fat.
The storage typically starts in the abs.

IMO as soon as you loose site of your abs you need to go back to maint lvl.

Here again I just don’t know enough about you to recommend something that could work. Me if I walk by the bakery I loose my abs. I put on fat that easy. I’m sure its an age thing I am old as dirt. That is why I don’t do the bulk/cut thing. I prefer to eat super healthy at my maint. lvl. and keep my abs year round. My wife does not want a fatass for 6 months out of the year and neither do I.

Again I am not recommending this for you this is what I do to keep my abs year round.


Yeah i undrstand what you meen.

U don’t know some fool gave me this infos about how mutch calories i need…
I must say from NY till now i droped the intake of calories to about 2700-3000kcal tops and my abs are starting to be visible again…in just 2 weeks. Muacle mass didn’t drop in fact i got some more (fat droped and weight gained).

Yeah i see…that would not be for me…basicaly you only eat proteins. I think now in bulking phase i need at least 150g carbs if not more at my age…



Another question about maintaining…
First is…how to maintain after a cycle?
I meen eat at maintenance level ok…but how to do my workout? Now im hitting the jim 5x per week and doing really hard workouts…but what after cycle, how to approach not to overtrain or something…?
Another thing:
I have some Clen on hand…should i put it in my PCT to keep gains since it works anticatabolic?


Hey again guys!

So off al your infos i got to my deccision to run Test Deca cycle…

Now can someone give me a good cycle sample (dosage and lenght)?
And some proper pct for that…

Keeping in mind that i have big trouble getting HCG.

My stats ate posted in this post in the begenning.

27 years
Height: 175cm
Weight: 82kg
BF: about 12%

Thank you!