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Adding to Cycle


Are you blasting and cruising?

Personally I think 2 cycles a year is plenty, especially if you’re running 12 week cycles


Ok…but how long should be the break at shortest?


At least 3 months.


HaHa its not as bad as it looks. To prevent injury I have to have warm ups and to grow any muscle I have to push heavy weights. This workout above just works for me. Like TRT everyone is different.
It really can be fun if you can get into the right frame of mind. I’m retired. I have no day job to juggle.

When I blast it like a planned extended vacation with great food, lots of time in the gym, sex every night with the wife. So she also has to be on board with the blasting. An finely sleeping into 10am. That last part is really important to the recovery.
I have pre bloods done to make sure my HCT/ferritin issues can handle it. I will typically donate a pint before I start. I also do a mini TT/E2/CBC check mid cycle.
Its a 24/7/3 month event and I love doing it. That said I can only do it once or twice a year and holding those gains has really been a challenge for me.
We lose what we don’t use and some of us lose it faster than others.


I was under the impression this was his first cycle(with no TRT) and a PCT will be needed.


I’m just curious… @studhammer said three months between blast. That seems fair to me. Right now I’m doing what I would consider a low dose blast at 300 mg and my bloodwork looks amazing. Better than it did on trt doses. If it maintains this way throughout does the 3 month rule still apply?


Since you’re more oldschool you probably can give me a good advice…
I have really difficulty coming to the wanted amount of calories through the day with clean foods… (can’t eat that mutch).
So what could i eat so in between the meals that gives on calories but not too much fat…? Like peanutbutter but that i don’t eat mutch because of many fat (like maybe 20-30g per day).

I must say, I’ve been avoiding bread (eat allmost none).
Something to suggest?


If you feel great at 300 just stay there. I cruise at 250 with no issues


27 years
Height: 175cm = 5’7"
Weight: 82kg = 180lbs
BF: about 12%

Sorry I can’t think in metric did I get the conversion right?
If you truely are 5 7 180 with 12%BF you are basicly all muscle right now.
Why do you want to up your carbs so much?
I am 5 9 200 with 15% BF and I have to watch my carbs all the time . If I don’t, I loose my abs to belly fat real quick.

How many calories are you wanting to eat in 24 hours? I would think for basic training day to day 2450 would be all you need. .
Have you tried 6 small meals vs 3 big? That might reduce any bloated feel.


Ok…maybe a little more than 12% than…so was the last time i checked.
At the moment because of bulking i have more like 4pack wisible the last two not…
Anyway…the measurment you gave are about right…

Yeah i’m doing 5-6meals…i can’t do it with only 3.
But i’m like 3000+ calories… someone said i need at least for bulking. Maybe thats why i get this fat from…


I don’t do the bulk thing. IMO that just gives a guy the excuse to eat crap and get fat. They lose all muscle definition with a 1" layer of blubber attached to their skin.

Then when they have to diet (cut) to lose all that body fat half of the gains goes away as well.
It ain’t worth it.
Just eat healthy, lots of steak chicken and fish, workout hard and give yourself several days to recover(you only grow/heal at rest) then don’t forget how important a deep sleep is. You really don’t need anything else but time.


Ok…that was deep…!
Never looked at it that way, ever stick with that i have to eat a lot if i want to gain…so what about that?
You can’t gain if you don’t eat a surplus do you?


Ever use one of those free cal counter and tracker websites like loseIt or My fitnessPal?
They can help you figure out what your real calorie needs are if you answer all the questions truthfully.

Not knowing much about your daily activities I guessed your basic needs would be something between 1800 and 2250. That was why I suggested 2450 in the post above. How much more surplus do you think you need?

Here’s the real problem. Your age. At 27 your metabolism is on fire and gaining weigh is extremely tough it is also why you are never hungry. Everything you eat is instantly burned.

In 10 more years or around 35 you will look at a cheezeburger and grow a spare tire around your belly, haha

The best you can do is try and have all the nutrients eaten that your body needs during your recovery. That is when the muscles grow.


So we keep talking about food but tell me about what is happening with your cycle. You are about 2 months in now right?
800mg/wk is a shitload of T even for a seasoned steroid user in his 40’s.
Can you fall asleep in the evening? How are you feeling at the gym? stronger? like a lot stronger? How about recovery after a hard day at the gym? What about anxiety?
The next day are you still holding your pump from yesterdays workout?

I can’t remember if I asked. Did you do any blood testing before you started this cycle? Any mid cycle mini blood tests. I just got my mid cycle blood test back 45 days in. I had to abort the blast do you HCT and ferritin. I’ll post them incase you are interested.




How much Test were you shooting @hrdlvn?


.55 on the syringe. 110mg M/W/F so 330/wk for ~48 days. My last shot was this past Monday. I got the blood test results above on Tuesday.
Here’s my thread tracking the mini Blast so we don’t derail this thread. Thanks for asking. Its always fun talking about this shit.


I tried those calculators…now i did it again with result of 1945kcal (without activity)
So than something like 300kcal surplus i need right?

Yes i’m two momths in… so everithing looking good…with sleep i have a little problems sometimes. Not to fall asleep actually but to sleep all night without waking up…but this problems i had even when not on gear so…
No anxiety actually at all…
In the gym i’m feeling great and strong.
Recovery is wery good next day i can workout normally…
Pump…? Seems like the muscles don’t drop down after a few hours like they do without gear…or at least they do it a lot less.

Huh that’s a problem…i didn’t do any bloods at all.
I go to doc today probably and ask to do it.
What do i actually have to say there for what tests dey should do?

You said to rest a lot…so tell me how do you fit your rest in this 6day workout you gave me?
Every 2days or after all 6?
It’s important you answer this last question.


Most guys doing gear don’t go to the doctor and ask for blood tests. They buy them on their own.
I don’t know where you live but in the US using a schedule 2 drug for recreational use is against the law. Testosterone is a schedule 2 drug.

To give you some idea how bad that is, Examples of Schedule II narcotics include: hydromorphone (Dilaudid®), methadone (Dolophine®), meperidine (Demerol®), oxycodone (OxyContin®, Percocet®), and fentanyl (Sublimaze®, Duragesic®).

My workout has tons of rest time. You are only working out one group of muscles a day and for basicly only one daya week. Yes some of the muscles have to be used other days of the week but there is always a full rest day between. Look at my workout again and bust it up into individual days. Don’t look at the whole thing as one workout. For example
Day 1 Chest Triceps some Shoulders
Bench press
Set 1- ___lbs for 30 reps
Set 2- ___lbs for 30 reps
Set 3- ___lbs for 20 reps
Set 4- ___lbs for 10 reps
Set 5- ___lbs for 8 reps
Set 6- ___lbs for 6 reps
Set 7- ___lbs for 4 reps
Set 1- ___lbs for 10 reps
Set 2- ___lbs for 8 reps
set 3- ___lbs for 6 reps
Set 1 ___lbs for 20 reps
Set 2 ___lbs for 15 reps
Set 3___lbs for 10 reps

Incline dumbbells press
Set 1 ___lbs dumbbell press for 15 reps
Set 2 ___lbs dumbbell press for 15 reps
Set 3 ___lbs dumbbell press for 15 reps
Finish off Cable flys 3 sets

This is all you do Monday so all your other muscles are resting/ recovering.
Also remember this is a 5 day workout so 2 days a week you do nothing but eat eat eat only the good stuff, screw screw screw, sleep sleep sleep. Monday get you a$$ back on the bench. An this time make it F-ing hurt. On those last 3-4 reps you should be screaming on the inside. Remember you are cycling not in maintenance mode.

EDIT: small tip.
It is really important you select the proper weight for each exersize. Form and full motion under control is really important. If you have to do short quick cheat reps right out of the gate that is not good. 90-95% of your sets should have perfect form with full motion of the muscle you are working. Go slow esp on the return. You want time under tension as much as you can stand.


I’m from Europe so here are roids illegal too…but they’re not so hursh like for cocain or something i supose…
For me the only way to get tests done is to go to a doctor and ask for it…i allready wanted to do that but then again they asked wich i want to test…there is where i didn’t know.
I didn’t want to say it’s for roids eather-then they would probably know what test to make…

Ok, so i can do your whole workout in one week i understend?
And that you sent me is 6day workout…or should i put BACK and LEGS together on one day so then i have 5day workout…?

At your workout in section BACK says at the end finsh off with superset on cables…

Ok superset from what i know is 10x10 without big pause?
But wich exercise to do on cables for back? :confused:


You really need to talk with someone from your country before you ask your doc for blood test now while you are cycling. What I would worry about is when you get your blood test back and the doctor see’s your Test 6-8 times higher than normal he will know you are doing drugs. Now will he call the police I don’t know. That is what you need to find out and ask more than one guys. Some guys are know to lie and play like they know what they are doing when in fact they are fullofshit.