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Adding to Cycle



I wanna hear how it is with adding lenght and compound to cycle

Running 7th week of test 800/week only
Wanted to do 12 weeks but now i’m thinking to do ekstra 4weeks but add something to bulk up some more. (Any suggestions about the lenght and COMPOUND wich would be best to add)?

Whats with deca, how serious it really is with sides…?


If you only have 4-5 weeks to add something and be effective then go with an oral. Deca takes awhile to see results. I get ED from Deca ,like a lot of others, but its a crap shoot. Great mass builder, but not right for you with your timing.


Ok how about tren? Maybe even to go the full 18weeks from 12-18 test+tren…?

Ok bot how serious is it really…does viagra work…
What about 500mg/week dose…is it mutch for sides to occure?


For some guys, the ED can be terrible


Trens comes with sides both, great and terrible. You need to do a search on this forum on tren


Cialis, in my opinion, is better or a combo of cialis and levitra


If the goal is adding mass towards the end of a cycle then there’s nothing quite like dbol. It’s cheap, easy, and proven to pack on size. I mean, it’s not real size, because most of it will vanish when you’re done. But it’s great for that extra little kick and will give you some nice strength gains to boot.


Ok…so what would you sugesst for the end of cycle…? Or should i just get lean and do another bulking next cycle…
But then again…what’s the best way to bulk but not too mutch water like dbol does…
What’s with masteron…
Little users advice…


This is where cycle gains go to die. After you’ve bulked the impulse is to drop the fat while magically keeping the muscle. The problem is that it’s really, really hard to do that, especially right after a cycle. You want to hold on to those gains, and the best way to do that is to let your body get used to that new muscle and use said new muscle. That’s tough to do when getting lean. Let’s face it, going into the gym while in a deficit is not the same as when you’re at maintenance or in surplus. You’re depleted. Your strength takes a hit. You don’t lift as heavy. When you’re lifting heavy you’re marshaling all that muscle to do work for you. The more you do that the more that muscle will stick around. But it’s not the same in a deficit. So by going into a cut right after a bulking cycle you’re working against everything you just did. Probably better to get through pct before planning a cut. Just my 2¢.


I agree with @iron_yuppie here. Your body needs to find a new set point for your weight. You need to hold on to your weight for a few months at least.


Thanks wery useful infos above…

What about switching to sustanon for last 5 weeks (18weeks tottall)


Negative on switching to Sustanon towards the end. It’ll push your pct out by another 7-10 days, and you’ll get diminishing returns (as your test levels drop down to zero) for longer than if you stick with your current configuration.


Ok i get it…so with all other coumpounds wait till next cycle…

Tell me i hawe read many about tren…but some say is better for bulk and some that’s better for cut…so what do you think…? Or can it be used for both? But what’s it more effective for?

What about droping the dosage near end Of cycle?
TestE from 800/week to 500/week last few weeks?

Thanks for answers!

Another thing…
How do you train on gear? Some workout example please?

I’ve changed jobs recently (now i’m working a lot mor physicaly so i’m exhaustet allmost all the time… till now i have been training 5xweek whithout problems but now whith that job and 5x training doesent woork (gains allmost stoped)
Could that be from owertraining (exhaustion)…?

What to do, any suggestions? Or a sample of how to train best…

Shortest Cycle You've Done with Proper Gains?

When I spend the money to blast I get pretty serious at the gym. It can take me about 3 hours to complete my day but I do 2-3 minute waits between heavy sets. It just works better for me like that. I am stronger if I can be fully rested between sets. So 3 hours really isn’t 3 hours. I removed all the weigh # since your’s would be different. HTH
Day 1 Chest Triceps some Shoulders
Bench press
Set 1- ___lbs for 30 reps
Set 2- ___lbs for 30 reps
Set 3- ___lbs for 20 reps
Set 4- ___lbs for 10 reps
Set 5- ___lbs for 8 reps
Set 6- ___lbs for 6 reps
Set 7- ___lbs for 4 reps
Set 1- ___lbs for 10 reps
Set 2- ___lbs for 8 reps
set 3- ___lbs for 6 reps
Set 1 200lbs for 20 reps
Set 2 225lbs for 15 reps
Set 3 260lbs for 10 reps

Incline dumbbells press
Set 1 ___lbs dumbbell press for 15 reps
Set 2 ___lbs dumbbell press for 15 reps
Set 3 ___lbs dumbbell press for 15 reps
Finish off Cable flys 3 sets

Day 2 Biceps
4 sets of reverse curls
Set 1 reps - 30
Set 2 reps - 20
Set 3 reps - 20
Set 4 reps - 15
Hammer curls - 4 sets
Set 1 reps - 12
Set 2 reps - 10
Set 3 reps - 8
Set 4 reps - 6
Single arm dumbbell preacher curls
Set 1 reps - 12
Set 2 reps - 10
Set 3 reps - 8
Set 4 reps - 6
Finish biceps with seated concentration curls
4 sets of 12

Day 3 Shoulders
Shoulder press machine
4 sets of 12
Military press
Set 1 reps - 12
Set 2 reps - 10
Set 3 reps - 8

Incline chest press
Set 1 reps - 12
Set 2 reps - 10
Set 3 reps - 8

Dumbbell side laterals
4 sets of 10
Dumbbell front raises
4 sets of 10
Upright rows
Set 1 reps - 12
Set 2 reps - 10
Set 3 reps - 8
Set 4 reps - 6

Finish with rear delts reverse seated fly machine
4 sets of 10

Day 4 Triceps
Narrow bench high reps
Set 1 reps - 30
Set 2 reps - 30
Set 3 reps - 20
Set 4 reps - 20
Set 5 reps - 20
Set 6 reps - 20

Press downs-
Set 1 reps - 20
Set 2 reps - 15
Set 3 reps - 12
Set 4 reps - 10

4 sets of 20
Finish with Kickbacks
4 sets of 10

Day 5 back
Pull ups 6 sets of 10
Lat pull downs
Set 1 reps - 20
Set 2 reps - 15
Set 3 reps - 12
Set 4 reps - 10
Set 5 reps - 8
Seated rows-
Set 1 reps - 20
Set 2 reps - 15
Set 3 reps - 12
Set 4 reps - 10
Set 5 reps - 8
Finish with a super set on cables

Day 6 - Legs
Set 1 reps - 20
Set 2 reps - 15
Set 3 reps - 12
Set 4 reps - 10
Set 5 reps - 8

Leg extensions
Set 1 reps - 20
Set 2 reps - 15
Set 3 reps - 15
Set 4 reps - 12
Set 5 reps - 10

Hamstring curls
Set 1 reps - 20
Set 2 reps - 15
Set 3 reps - 15
Set 4 reps - 12
Set 5 reps - 10

Hack Squat-
Set 1 reps - 12
Set 2 reps - 10
Set 3 reps - 8
Set 4 reps - 6

5 set of 15

I did not design this workout a friend from another forum named loki did but this workout really works for me YMMV.


@hrdlvn thanks for the trouble posting this!!
Seems like a hard f***** workout! Nice…
Just…isnt that kind of training more for cutting than bulking?

I tought to do something like 5day max per week…becouse of my hard physical job.

What do you suggest, ?


I’m no Christian Thibaudeau. So if you are trying to go to that lvl of the science of exersize I’m not your guy. When I think of cut and bulk I think food. What you eat and how much of it.

I’m in the camp that you just don’t burn many calories lifting heavy weights. Think about it, time under tension for a bicep curl set of 10 reps just how many calories does that burn? 2? 10? The only way to burn big calories at the gym is to do HIIT or go ride a bike for 3 hours up a hill. Heavy weights? no way.

For me I have to lift heavy with a lot of sets to build any kind of muscle that shows. I can only do this when blasting. It is the only time my strength and recovery works. My crusing workouts are a quarter of these sets and reps and the weight is dropped 30%
Some guys can do 3 sets for one muscle group and they blowup like a balloon then on to the next muscle group, not me.

I honestly can’t offer what would work for you not know anything about you.


Yes, you’re right about that…never thaught of it that way…
So…i did try out your kind of workout today and it feels diffrent…kind of harder to do as i’m used to…
So i will stick with it till end of my cycle because the usual training doesen’t bring mutch… (i am eating clean mostly and have enough calories intake).
Tell me just one more thing if u have the knowlege…
Look im using carbs (powder) between and after workout like im used too…i just don’t know if i should higher the dosage because of the GEAR…
I’m allways using when bulking 40g during and 40g after workout… plus 50g protein after…
But that i used also when i didn’t use gear…it’s my first cycle now…
Is that ok or should i bump or something?

Little about my strocture;
27 years
Height: 175cm
Weight: 82kg
BF: about 12%


I have no experience with powdered carbs.
I guess I’m old school but sweet potatos and whole organic rice is my main source for carbs.

I do supplement with protein powders. Post gym I’m a sucker for the LeanBody shakes 40g dam they are good tasting.
At night before bed I do a fiber (MetaMucil) and Nutrabio whey protein isolate, with EmergenC 1g VitC.
Everything else comes from real foods. Organic eggs 3-5 per day
Organic chicken breast 1 per day, organic grass feed beef (4-6oz filet mignon) per day. Steamed broccoli cauliflower. Lunches always the same large toss salid with 5oz can tuna.

Try to get your nutrients from real foods not supplements.


Damn brother, you should change your name from hrdlvn to hrdcore! :joy:


Tell me…how long after i end a cycle can i start a next cycle?