Adding Throws/Jumps to Building the Monolith?

Has anyone added throws/jumps to this program? If so, did you feel like it took away from other parts of the program?

It’s jumps and throws. It won’t take away from the program at all. I do jumps before any training and it seems to “wake up my body”.

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What @isdatnutty says.

For any 531 program, you can/should do mobility work (such as agile 8 or something similar) and 10-15 jumps or throws prior to your barbell work. Don’t think of it as an “add-on”; rather an important part of any 531 program. Personally, I do ~10 minutes of mobility, then do jumps/throws with some easy calisthenics prior to the barbell work. Another option is to do your mobility, then do the jumps/throws between your 531 warm up sets.