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adding the malto

When you add malto to your surge does it matter how much surge you are using. i.e. How much malto(well gatorade right now until i get some malto) should i add to my 2.5 scoops of surge. Also i split my surge into a workout and post workout drink so should i put half the malto in both or put all of it in post or during. Thanks.

Off hand I’d think add it all to the post WO serving.
But, I’m also thinking that Surge is a very well thought out formula. Why do you want to add more maltodextrin? Is there really any advantage to doing this?

Hey Bobo,

I suggested that you add enough Maltodextrin or Gatorade powder to bump the carb to protein ratio from 2:1 (what’s found in Surge) to between 3:1 and 4:1.

I guess I have to eat my words regarding not adding anything to Surge. JB did say that a while back but has revised his position as shown below. (From issue #265.)

“JMB: Originally I strongly cautioned users against adding anything to Surge. The rationale for this was the fact that I didn’t want them messing with the formula, adding all sorts of wacky insulin mimickers and secretagogues that would drop blood sugar so low that they’d be reduced to nothing but quivering masses of muscle heaped on the gym floor. To this end, I’d avoid adding any insulin mimickers, insulin secretagogues, or supplements that improve glucose tolerance. Nor did I want them adding other ingredients that might slow digestion or absorption. To this end, I suggest avoid adding fats and extra protein. Other ingredients, such as carbohydrates or creatine are okay as long as extra water is added to maintain the required 5 to 10% dilution.”

Sniper…Thanks for adding the meaningful words of The Guru! I often forget that my advice and comments carry very little value:-( I’ll begin citing my recommendations with support from my main man JB in the future:-)

Timbo… JB may be the main man but, don’t sell yourself short. I’d say your words contribute much around here. And, as you said, adding the malto is sound.

Sniper…All in jest, baby! You know that I bring fun to the game, as well as tidbits of knowledge now and then:-) I appreciate your kind words, regardless!

Ahhhh Timbo, I guess I just take things too seriously. Can’t take me anywhere. :wink:

Why add maltodextrin to surge to make it 4:1? There are already products that are 4:1 carb/protien.

What is the additional benefit of adding more carbs?

The reason for adding extra malto is to pump extra rapid absorbtion carbs into your diet especially durring training and immediately post W.O. I have had great success with my home brew malto dex whey concoction. Wish I could afford surge though my brew tastes god awful, even with the extra vanilla and splenda.

As far as I understand the body has a limited ability to store carboyhydrates. We are able to store some as glycogen in the liver, some as glycogen in the muscle, and very little as free glucose in the blood. Beyond that any additional carbs must either be used or stored as fat. I don’t know how much is too much, but extra malto in your shake? Once you’re full you’re full.

I have to admit I am not sure just how much carbohydrate can be utilized in a two hour window but when I am bulking and or using Mag-10 I would rather err on the side of over ingestion durring my bulking cycles. Although I used don’t diet and consumed most of my carbs at breakfast and durring post w.o. period and the shake I consumed during?after my workout contained 50 pro and 150 carb (carb split slightly higher on the malto side) My results were great, I went from 13.5% BF to 9.5% BF in 31/2 weeks while actually gaining a pound. I attribute my gains to the heavy weights, low reps, and to my post w.o. nutrition. I was androgen free durring this time.