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Adding Testosterone Gel While On Cycle?

Hey guys, just looking for a little help with a new subject for me. I am 42 years old 6’3” 275 lbs. Avid weight lifting, and a mainly clean diet. I have just been prescribed to TRT or HRT therapy. I chose the gel form so I did not have to drive to the doctors office every week for the injection. Anyways, with that being said, I am looking to start my 4th testosterone only cycle. I am planning on just another 500mg/week dose of Enanthate. My question is… is it safe to also take my 60mg/day dose of my gel while on cycle? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I have zero experience with topical testosterone treatment but I will give my opinion.

Option 1 keep using the gel it’s not gonna make a big difference either way its essentially a trt dose.

Option 2 find out how long it takes for the gel to be effective stop it for the cycle and pick bskc up however long the effective period is before the cycle ends.

Essentially you don’t want a period where you stop the cycle and are waiting for the gel to kick back in.

60 mg of gel once a day? You should probably just throw that out and go find a dr that doesnt require you to come in for injections. That actualy doesnt even make sense. Why can they let a controlled substance leave their office in one form and not another? If you are sourcing T elsewhere why wouldnt you just self medicate rather than probably pay out the ass for inferior treatment with an overly controlling Dr

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Because from everything I’ve read, the human grade test is a whole different beast than test from a UGL. Besides with my insurance, a month worth of the gel only cost me $20. At less than $1 a day, I can’t beat that no matter where my source is. Thanks for your opinion though.

Thank you. Kinda along the lines of what I was thinking.

Testosterone is testosterone.

You can buy a 250mg/ml 10ml vial of testosterone from a ugl for roughly $30 that will last you about 3 months so it’s actually cheaper that’s about $10 a month

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Do some more factual reading

My option is if you are going to inject cycle levels of test then don’t worry about the gel during the cycle. I would still pick it up like you were using it. You might be able to trade the gel to someone for something you want to add in on a later cycle.

Granted I am not up on topical test but 60mgs a day equals 420 mgs a week and that is cycle level. So chances are it is that high because you don’t get a huge portion of it actually making it into your blood stream and being able to stimulate receptors. They say a typical weeks worth of natural test production on the high end is 70-100mgs. I have also heard it’s somewhere around 7-10mgs a day. I bet the truth is somewhere in between. If your taking 60mgs topically then I would guess only about a tenth of it makes it into the blood stream. That’s not going to make a huge or even a noticable difference when you inject 500mgs a week of test enanthate. But your question was would it hurt you, that amount of test wouldn’t hurt however idk about there being possible interactions because of different ingestion routes. I don’t think there would be any adverse interactions but idk, I’m not a doctor or a pharmacologist.

Just a “keep this in mind”, how often do they drawl blood for your trt/hrt therapy? Even though the total mgs of topical vs injection are not that far apart I have to believe the amount in your blood will be drastically higher with the injections. If you were absorbing even half of the topical test you would be seeing significant changes in your body fat and lean mass. So when you plan this cycle even if you take the topical with the injectable you need time for the injections to clear your system before you give blood work. The typical rule of thumb is it takes five half lives for any given compound to fully clear your system. Test enanthate has about a week long half life. The other thing is I don’t know if the topical test is attached to something like an ester. If it is then they can test to see if it is in your blood when they do a panel. It doesn’t mean they will test to see if it is there but they could or at least have the means to do so. I believe Zeek touched on this with his comment about how long does the gel take to kick in once you start using it. I would think it would be a matter of days if not hours unless it is attached to some sort of an ester like chain. You want to know this time frame first so if you come off the topical for the cycle then you will know when to start again so you don’t end up with low or no test for a week or so. You will also need to know just in case they can test to see if the topical test is in your system.

If I understand how topical applications work they just mix whatever in with a substance that can easily be absorbed through the skin. It’s kinda like the test is just sucked up along the way, it’s along for the ride. Keep in mind my research about topical applications was for supplements and such so I don’t know if the searches I did would bring back results on pharmaceutical topical applications.

If you do end up giving blood and they do see high amounts of test, provided they don’t test and see test enanthate, you can play dumb and say you forgot a day and you just doubled up to make up the difference.

Thank you now_i_care. Exactly the kind of answer I was hoping for. They only test every 2 months. It’ll be easy to stop my cycle for 2 weeks and pick up the topical again for the blood work.

Doing six week runs of a long ester chain (enanthate, cypionate and sustanon) is literally just getting to where it kicks in fully then you stop. If you are stuck to running six weeks then switch to test propionate and you can probably push that closer to seven weeks because it has such a shorter half life, it clears the system quicker.