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Adding Test to a Clen Cutting Cycle?


1st cycle, 47 YO male, 250lb/6"2 19%bf, training for some years.

My goal is to lose fat while preserving muscle (of course), something that my endomorphic body refuses to do, no matter how clean and meticulous my (carb cycling) diet is.

From what I read, Clen is muscle-sparing by itself. Is there a point in adding Test to the cycle, or is that best left for bulking?


If you're not losing fat, something is not working for you in your diet.


Don't count on clen to spare much muscle. The study that came to that conclusion was done on rats, I believe. Clen will not spare muscle in humans in a caloric deficit.


Whatever animal it was, they had an extra receptor beta adrenergic type 3 or something to that effect. What does your diet look like? Why not try consistent LCD or even CKD before looking to clen


If you can't lose at least 1 lb of fat per week and you aren't below 7% BF then your diet is the problem.

I promise you.

Whether it means you need to have soem refeeds to get your thyroid and everything else a jump start. Or you don't have enough fats... what ever it is... it's your diet. Will clen help, sure but if you don't get your diet straight now you will be using it as a crutch for every time you want to lose fat from now on. Also if your diet isn't right on clen, be careful of more muscle loss than without.

I agree look into the Ketogenic diet, with a refeed meal a week... came back in 14 days and you'll be telling us how you lost 3-6lbs of fat without cardio. Guarantee it.



Palumbo said over at MD that you have to be on clen for 6 months continuously before the anabolic effects manifest themselves... so I wouldn't look at it like that, either.


Its more like :

"adding clen to a test cutting cycle"

Test is twice the man clen ever was.


Sooo.. you are saying there is never going to be a need for clen, T3 or ECA in anyones pharmaceutical regeime?

GTFO already.


Apparently albuterol has a much more profound effect in muscle sparing/anabolism.

It is a better drug all around IMO


I'm not a fan of clen since my blood pressure goes up, hunger increases, I get shaky hands, have trouble going to sleep, loose muscle and I get cramps in my calves.

Never run clen without test is what I have learned, if you are to run it at all.

Good diet and cardio. Yeah I know, boring, but it works.



UD2 is a type of CKD.