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Adding Test Gel on Workout Days?



My total testosterone is over 700, but my free is only around 8.7. SHBG is 58. Tsh is .o35 free t 4 is 1.08 free t 3 is 3.2.

I had some old testosterone cream in my cabinet and started to use it twice a day for the last week. I noticed that I am recovering from workouts faster, and have gained a couple pounds without adding fat.

I don't think I am a candidate for HRT, but was wondering if I could benefit by using something like adro gel three days a week (on my workout days only).

I am going to experiment with .25 liquidex per day for the next two months also.

I am 53 years old, weight 174, body fat around 10 percent.

I want to get a t boost on my workout days, but dont want to shut down my own production which seems pretty good.

I am on armour thyroid, propecia and paxil.

Any ideas guys?