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Adding Test E Towards the End of Anavar Cycle?

So I’ve done Test E on it’s own and added Anavar at the end of a Test E cycle and I have a decent amount of education on that but recently I ran an Anavar cycle on it’s own without test to see how my body would react and get my own results as I have seen mixed on forums and with friends but I am currently on my 5th week of an 8 week run with an amazing diet, great workout regiment and havent really seen any results, in fact my workouts suck. I struggle with recovery and have very little energy. With that being said, I have a cycle of Test E that I want to do with the intentions of shredding up for summer and add some muscle but have not been able to find ANY info on adding test E to this current cycle but a ton of info on the reverse of that. I’m currently taking 75mg per day of Anavar and would like to do around 450 per week of Test E. By adding the test now, will I have any issues? What are your thoughts on this?

I read this four times and still do not understand the question. I mean…yes, you can add testosterone to a cycle. I feel like there’s no way your question is actually that basic, so I’m assuming that I’m missing some nuance here. Help me out.

PS If you’re taking 75mg of anavar and not seeing any results then I have bad news for you.

First of all my friend, you have 2 possible, or a combination of the both going on: 1. Bad diet/training/recovery and/or 2.fake anavar.

You most defiantly can add test to your current “cycle” but it’s going to take a good 6-8 weeks to really kick in so you’ll have some down time.

I don’t think it’s fake by any means, I do feel a difference and am getting results, just not what I was hoping for which I assumed in the beginning but not have done anavar on it’s own before, I wanted to see how my body would react.

I’m not entirely seeing no results, I’m seeing some but not to the level I was expecting. I guess my real question is, will there be any issues with adding Test into my current anavar cycle?

No, of course there would not be any issue.

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