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Adding Test e to c. Help!


So i have enough test e for about 9 weeks that im currently using and a couple weeks of c left that I haven't been using. I was just wondering if after the e runs out I could use the c instead and it will pickup where the e left off or will it not kick in for a few weeks. Thanks guys


It's fine to switch.


Enanthate and Cypionate is exactly the same compound just that cypionate lasts 1-2 days longer in your body, just pin Cyp when your Enan is empty.


plenty of shiz comes as a mix e,c.......ecp.....same thing in my book there is no difference cyp or enan


that's like asking if after 9 shots, you switch from Greygoose to Belvedere vodka you're going to have to start over the process of getting drunk.


LOL! nice.