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Adding Test Cyp Cycle to TRT

Hi all this is my first time posting and I apologize if I did it wrong. Anyway, I am a 48 year old male who has been lifting for over 30 years. I am on TRT at 400mg every other week. I want to do a testosterone cypinate cycle of 500 my a week. I have been on TRT for 7 years. I will go back on 400 every other week after the cycle. Would I need clomid or an anti estrogen in this case, or even PCT? I think this is called a blast and a cruise? Thank you, Jeff

Do you actually feel good injecting EOW? I would be miserable… TRT is normally 100-150mg per week for most people and twice a week or even more often injections depending on your SHBG levels, once you start getting into 200+ it becomes a light cycle. There is no PCT required if you want to blast for a few weeks, you just return to your TRT dose afterwards, keep in mind however there will be an adjustment period coming back down from superphysiologic levels.

Hi mike, thanks for responding. I feel better with weekly injections. What sort of adjustment were you referring to when I go back to a cruise? Also do you take HCG? My doc didn’t prescribed it. I read it is used to replace LH.

Best Regards, Jeff Boyea
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Hi Jeff, Since you are already on TRT there is no restart (PCT) required. Just drop back to your normal dose when your cycle is done. If you will be using T cyp remember it takes 40 days for T cyp to reach steady state. Meaning your T lvl will go no higher at your current dose.

Do you have to take an AI for your current TRT dose? 400 every other week is basicly 200mg/wk which is a lot for TRT. That dose will usually give peeps elevated HCT, E2 and prolactin issues. How are your boobs feeling?

Everything seems fine, except I feel like there is some testicular atrophy. Should I talk to my Doctor about HCG? Thanks, Jeff

Sorry, I meant to say an Aromatase inhibitor, not hct. Is that what would help HCTand E2?

I don’t use hcg but some people do depends on your fertility goals. There will be an adjustment period following your cycle that may feel like a bit of a crash going from 500mg/week to 1-200mg. Personally I would do at least E3.5D shots - biweekly you’re essentially spending the second week on really low levels, keeping levels stable is one of if not THE most important factor in TRT. Docs want to make it easy on themselves so they always recommend the least frequency.

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I’m on trt 200mg/w (or rather was; adjusted down to 160 about two months ago, but that’s neither here nor there) and I found significant change from doing my shot once a week to twice a week. I cannot imagine going every other week. I’d be dead after 10 days.

You can use your blast to start a new schedule like that one (which is more in line with trt today) and when you’re done just scale back to your usual 200/w.

why’d you drop the dose? If I recall you’re labs were only like 700ng/dl

Hematocrit >54 made me drop the dose. It should be temporary until I can start donating blood regularly. Or maybe not. I’ve felt great even at a lower dose. Ftr TT was ~1,100 on 200/w.

When I was on mono T cyp TRT lvls within 6 months my nuts pulled up against my body and I would get stabing pains at night. I changed doc and got a script for HCG(800iu/wk) and in 5 weeks my boys were swinging freely with no evening pain. So yes try HCG its pretty cheap at ~$70

Again back when I was on mono T cyp my E2 and prolactin went over range and my boobs leaked water. My new doc put me on a low dose anastrozole pill 3 times a week and on my 6week mini blood test E2 and prolactin were in check.
Now that I am dialed in for over 1.5 years I only take my AI if my blood test is bad or I feel extra sensitive. Once you;ve been doing this for a few years you really do learn how to read your body and feelings. It is so easy to blame everything on your TRT when there is so much more in play.

This is interesting to me. I’ve read these boards for a while now and I think this is the first time I can recall reading test cyp could increase prolactin.

From what I understand, prolactin has an impact on whether someone can achieve an erection. Is it safe to assume that elevated prolactin out of range could have an impact on erection quality?

Reason this interests me is 5 weeks after a self imposed dose increase, I started to experience some ED. I thought it was just high E2 and have since backed down to prescribed dose, but I found that comment of increased prolactin interesting.

Thanks for the info! I appreciate it.

Best Regards, Jeff Boyea
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I don’t know how to do this blood test copy and paste very well lets see if this works

OK looks like copy and paste worked pretty good. So as you can see a mono T cyp at TRT levels after 6 months F’s me up pretty good.
I guess you can see why I shake my head when so called experts around here recommend it. IMO that’s a fast track to gyno surgery. Use your AI just be careful of the dosing that shit is very strong. 0.125mg anastrozole 3 times a week fix my leaking boobs issue.

Just saw your post on TRT. I am considering going on it myself, if my doctor approves it. Do you have any before and after pics of being on it? Did you have any major health issues while on it (blood pressure, liver, etc)?

Here are before and after. They’re about a year apart. No health issues yet. -Jeff

Looks like you have low SHBG. Whats your injection protocol. EOD?

It was 400mg every two weeks for low testosterone ( prescribed by my primary care) I just started a blast last week of 500mg a week of cyp. What do you see that would indicate low SHBG?

The labs HrdLvn posted show mid range test with very high free T. This indicates you are likely low SHBG. You should test to confirm. If so, it means your body is quick to dump T into free T and E2. Normally the solution is to perform smaller injections very frequently such as every other day.

Those were his labs not mine. I started the thread. I’m also the before and after pics.