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Adding Test Cycle to TRT?

I am struggling to find information. I was prescribed TRT by my doctor because of low test. My dosage was 250Mg every 2 weeks. I took this amount for a few weeks but then increased my dose to 500Mg/week. I stayed on that dose for 10 weeks. I was donating blood every 56 days but my HCT levels reached maximum. I want to do cycles of 500Mg/week for 8 weeks and take 10 weeks off. If I take 500/week for 8 weeks and then reduce my dosage to what my doctor prescribed (250/week, I’d take 125/week), do I need any sort of PCT? I take an AI during the 500/week cycle.

All information I find is about coming completely off test and running PCT. I can’t come completely off as I have low test. Anybody have an idea what I need to do?

It’s called blast and cruise. There is no pct because you’re on trt. You go from high dose back to your normal dose, uninterrupted.

Incidentally, your original protocol was highly stupid. You then compounded that by immediately going into a blast. You’re not giving yourself any time to find a proper dose for normal maintenance. You’re now going to do a second blast yet you don’t know the basics. If I were you I’d try to learn more about what you’re doing before making things more complicated.

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Thanks. I am going to stay on the 125/week dose until I learn the rest. That’s why I’m asking. I guess I should stay at the prescribed dose and see if that is the correct TRT dosage before cycling back and forth.

That’s the right approach. Better to be armed with all the information and make choices based on that.

What kind of gains did you see during that eight week blast?

I definitely put on some mass and lost fat. I gained about 6 pounds but my pant size dropped from a 40 to a 36. I saw most of my gains in my back, particularly in the width of my lats. It was enough that other people noticed.

I’m 47 years old and I felt like a 25 year old. My wife can attest to that LOL.

My only issues really were my HCT levels and my bp reached 150/100. Prior to my cycle it never went over 122/80. Never.

How high did your HCT get?

Hemoglobin was 20 when I donated last. So hematocrit would have been at 60.

Every body is different. My BP never exceeds something like 130/70 (to be honest, I can’t recall exact numbers even though I take it twice weekly).

My HCT creeps BARELY above high on 500mg/week and goes down after donations. Nothing 3 doctors have been concerned of.

My cruise is 500mg.

Check your E2. It screwed with water retention on 125mg weekly causing huge BP spikes without dialing in an AI.

I had some water retention at 500/week. I don’t know what my levels were at 250/2 weeks because I was an asshole and jumped right into the high dose.

Your cruise is 500/week? What’s your blast? 750?
I learned “cruise and blast” today, now I’m throwing them around like I know what the fuck I’m talking about.

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I call it my TRT as it’s the most effective dose at easing the psychological problems such as brain fog and helps with physical with stronger endurance.

My blast is only adding and stacking orals to that

My BP today is 119/79.