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Adding TBOL to a Cutting Cycle

Today searching for some documents I found among other stuff 2 full (still sigilled) bottle of TBOL.

By now I’m in the the end of the 2nd week of this 10weeks:
test e 200mg/E3D
mast 200mg/E3D
primo 200mg/E3D

The target is to drop as much fat as possbile (so I’m on hypocaloric high protein diet). May be usefull to add TBOL to the current cycle?

In the past i have used it with VAR @40mg/ED (+40mg var ED) and get nice strenght gains…

You’re currently using three class I compounds, so I would think turinabol would stack nicely, on the assumption that it’s a class II. Var is also class I, so it’s not surprising that you’ve had good results stacking var and tbol.

I say “on the assumption” because no one seems to know for sure, including Bill Roberts - but he has speculated that it’s most likely class II.