Adding Sust to my Prescribed Cyp

Just moving the amount of weight you do in the weight room will elevate your liver enzymes. Mine have always been slightly elevated.

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Yeah man, I’ll have to find some. Surprisingly I don’t take many pictures, I started working out to better my mind when I was going through a hard time. So I do this solely for myself and I don’t really post anything. My diet and training schedule is spot on for me. I’ve tried all sorts of different diets, training plans etc and I’m very good and finding what works for me.

Really? That’s interesting. I’ve never been told about that.

To add, I did solely strength training for a long time, bc my only goal was to be strong. I’ve changed that now to more of a hypertrophy style, but some days I do keep the reps on the low side to get my strength training in.

Just get ready to fully enjoy your first cycle. It is most likely THE BEST and most memorable AAS experience you will have. Your body never quite reacts the same as it does that first time.

I would recoemmend before and after pics

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I am of opinion that accomplishments like these are not written therefore i dont even read abt that. Physique is shown in different pictures and lifts are videos. Online everyone is a guru on something or a heavyweight champion in some combat sport, lol. Most times when asked to show a pic of the amazing physique or a video of a lift close to the the claimed ones, in an era where even 6yr olds have a high def cams glued to their hands - cant show shit. Not saying thats the case on the person on question, im just replying to @RT_Nomad that in order for me to comment anything i need to see the stuff we are talking about.

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I mean, that’s cool bro. As I said earlier, I can take pictures not a big deal. I can video the lifts, too. Even though I have nothing to prove to you. Strength is relative, just because someone is stronger than you doesn’t mean they can’t do it. You seem as if you’re a little insecure and high strung. We’re all men here. You dog on me, I’m going to dog on you.

I wasnt even speaking to you which i mentioned in my comment. Exactly, you have nothing to prove. Other member asked my opinion and i said that i don’t have a opinion or something to base it on. Now, if something smells insecure its you doing “the dog” on someone who hasnt seen your face or even knows your name. Chill, no one actually gives a shit nor should you.

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I hope you log your cycle here.

I just posted in a different thread that I’ve yet to see someone with good lifting numbers or good natural physique make significant progress with beginner cycles.

It seems the guys who add the most to their lifts aren’t very developed and or aren’t very strong. Same goes for weight gain / muscle gain. The issue is they usually can’t keep the gains because they don’t have enough understanding of training or diet.

Be aware this comes off as arrogant. They are clearly good lifts that most guys will have to work their asses off for (and many will not be capable of doing).

Especially because it isn’t really true. If you would have just listed your lifts then said this:

It would sound a lot better IMO.

I am not saying this to say you are a dick or anything. I am guilty of it myself from time to time (perhaps why I recognized it).


@Will125 I think you just got the wrong vibe. Nobody is calling you out. The stats you presented are very impressive. 230lbs at 5’9" with veins and abs is enviable. Kudos.


I would disagree in OP’s situation. If he gets into AAS like he means it, THAT first time will be the best. Of course, I can only speak from my experience, but I did cycles (more time “on cycle” than “off cycle”), from 1971 to 1978 before I got what I would consider my best results from a cycle.

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I’m on a very similar protocol from my doc of 200mg week test cyp. I’m about 6 weeks into an 8 week blast where I added 200mg test e per week. So far results have been great. I timed it so I’ll be well off the blast when it’s time for bloodwork with the doc, and I did my own labs about 4 weeks in and all is looking good. Note this is my first “cycle” of anything beyond TRT (which I’ve been on for a year). I’m pretty in-tune with things, and felt this was a relatively safe approach. So far so good.

Since it’s a first cycle could a guy just stack Decca on top of the TRT dose? Decca supposed to be very safe. Sorry if this is a stupid question. New to TRT. Just 6 weeks in. Thank you.

Just stick to TRT for now, and thank me later. Milk the gains. Learn how you do with just Testosterone. Get dialed in. In a year think about adding on to it.

My response was specific to OP. He is very advanced in weight training.

If you actually have low testosterone, see what you get out of TRT. Run that plan a couple years, then come back here and present your case for additional AAS.

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